[PANN] 161028 How to make multiple one-time use email accounts (Mobile Android)

1. Go to Google app store and download "Instant Email Address" (this is the English name of the app!)

2. Click on "메일 주소를 자동 생성하여 추가"

3. Next, click on 주소 복사

4. Go to MA_MA and paste the address the app just created for you

5. Go ahead and fill in the form with name, dob, gender. Uncheck all "sms" option, that way you won't have to enter your phone number

6. Return to the app after completing the registration procedure, and click on 받은 편지함 

7. You will see the email from Mnet, all you have to do is verify your account

8. Done!

This way you can create multiple one-time use email addresses!
Making accounts on your phone makes this fast!!!
I'm bad at making tutorials so if someone can make a better looking one, please do and spread it around ㅠㅠ please!!

Sometimes the email might not arrive immediately so check after a minute
You can keep making new accounts without panicking!

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