[PANN] 161028 wow these days Taetae is insane

These days V is really in his legendary days
How can someone's visual be like this... (shivers)

 I f***ing love his new hair color

Is he really a human?? how can someone have such high nose bridge....

ah I f***ing love him ㅠㅠㅠ he's s*** sexy too
I love him with contact lenses 

That chocolate part is daebak.. bb that's the killing part

He is so full of charms

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Response +167 -14

1. Kim Taehyung's perfect beauty;; +45 -2

2. V is seriously the cutest person in this world. Look at Taehyung's cuteness ❤️ +39 -2

3. Taehyung's got the best side profile +27 -2

4. It's so hard to be handsome and pretty +20 -1


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