[PANN] 161029 But the reason why BTS had to become popular is...

I don't think it's simply because of their looks
They're nice to their fans and they sincerely prepare their albums
Anyway they're one of the top groups from small companies

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1. I think BTS is doing well enough at the moment. There are few immature fans who ruin their image but they're pretty fast at providing feedbacks and ARMYs on PANN are nice too +114 -7

2. BTS interacts with their fans well on Twitter, Official cafe, and V App. They also upload good contents on Youtube, Bangtan Bomb, Episode, Kkul fm (anniversary radio), FESTA (anniversary event, 1 day 1 gift), and many more things. All members participate in the album, individual mixtape, 9 songs in mini albums, 15 songs in full album, their passion for music is incredible, and watching their title and follow up song performances (Mr. Sungdeuk♡) is so fun and their stages are so high quality. There are so many more reasons why I can't leave the fandom although I'll never leave here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is my first time being a fangirl in my life and I think it's a blessing to be a part of this group's glorious future ♡ Personally, I was really surprised when I listened to their intro, outro, interlude, skit in their albums..  I've never heard of interlude before ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and skits too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ these boys really have all the reasons to succeed. I'm sure they'll do much better and I hope our BTS boys to stay healthy and happy always ㅜㅜ they deserve to be loved +112  -5

3. When I was a muggle I thought their group name sounded annoying and I didn't know much about them because I didn't seem them on variety shows and their company doesn't do media play. But I heard they had a large fandom so I thought it was because of their looks but after watching their video on Youtube it was Game Over for me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The company that brings out the fangirl in me who is a muggle and I think there are reasons behind their popularity +101 -2

4. yes they couldn't help but succeed. I listened to BTS's album songs because many people recommended them over here and wow I was like "what is this..." and I had their songs on repeat. After that, I went on Youtube to watch their choreography video and I was dragged down to hell. Seriously their choreography is legendary... I thought "wow seriously who are these guys?" and kept watching other videos and the members' have great personalities too. I realized how boys in their 20s can speak so nicely with good thoughts and not in a bluffing way after watching BTS members speak. None of them try to boss others and the younger members don't mistreat the older members just because they're nice to them. Honestly, most idols might look really close and like a family on cameras but they're not like that behind. However, I could really tell that these boys really relied and depended on each other like a family wherever they were and that's why I became their fan. After joining the fandom, the boys really treat their fans well. For instance, when you read the posts left by Park Jimin on their official cafe, you will die from heart attack. The other members speak really sweetly too... and they have their limits. They are serious when they have to be. Honestly, all 7 of them are great people. This is what really surprised me. Every group has that one member who is different from the rest, right? I mean they have 7 people in the group... as a fan who has been watching them for few years, all 7 of them are really nice but they're sensitive when they're making music... I think that is why other idols and staffs of broadcasting stations talk highly about them... I seriously never believed in loving someone for the rest of my life but I think it's possible with these guys. So I'm really loving them as much as I can these days. I bought albums for the first time and I'm streaming and voting too. You will only understand when you experience this. I can't explain this in text form. Their new song 21st Century, their previous song Whalien, Tomorrow, these songs really comforted me during my bad times and they motivate me to live a better life as a person. I'm really grateful to them for becoming singers... If I have a wish... I hope they'll stay unchanged like now +34 -1

5. I'm from another fandom but I think BTS has so many reasons to succeed. They're handsome, their songs are great, they dance well, their fan service is awesome and they appear frequently on music shows. Their company works well too and dresses them well... I'm really jealous about their company working hard... +33 -3

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