[PANN] 161030 Boy idols who look like actors


ZEA Im Sihwan

Super Junior Siwon

Astro Cha Eunwoo

Big Bang T.O.P

Day6 Wonpil

Shinee Minho

Seventeen Dokyeom

Got7 Jinyoung

B1A4 Gongchan


Beast Doojun

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Response +347 -72

1. Thanks for mentioning Dokyeom ♡ +116 -19

2. He has a face of a chic guy but his actions are warm +58 -10

3. when I saw him for the first time he really looked like an actor +65 -16

4. Shiksya-nim +11 -4

5. Seokjin god... +43 -6

6. Thanks for mentioning Seokjin. I love you, Seokjin who is pretty every day +31 -2

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