[Starcast] 161006 Fly high! BTS full length album "WINGS" Jacket photoshoot set!

BTS will be returning on October 10th with their second full album [WINGS] after 2 years since releasing their first full length album [DARK&WILD]

BTS made us curious with the phrase "Boy meets what?" so what did BTS meet? They said that the young boys have met "tempatation".
Don't you want to find out how BTS expressed the boys who have met temptation? GOGO! GOGO~

Chapter 1: CON) Black hair Suga (GRATS

Suga used to be fair but after dying his hair black he is fair as a white jade!

Suga with mysterious vibe creates shots with light and piano

I want to get buried in the vibe called Suga...*

Chapter 2: Rap Monster is becoming more cute

Rap Monster was watching Suga's photoshoot. He's nervous at the massive set! That massive set is...

Mirrors all over!! Broken plaster casts!!

Wahaha -> Ehehe -> (flustered) (I didn't do this)

I can see myself even when I turn this side and that side! woah?!

Chapter 3: Our maknae is a celebrity

Jungkook is waiting patiently for his turn

Jungkook has 1000 different faces /~_~/

J Hope and Jimin came to watch how their maknae's doing. And that moment, Jungkook...

He was posing so coolly like this :-D

Chapter 4: Red is apple~ Apple belongs to Jimin~

He created an apple pillow to make the photoshoot easier

Is this a real apple? or a fake apple? Let me try it

It's a real apple!

Chapter 5: Today's V is handsomer than yesterday

V is thinking how he's going to pose for his photos while looking at the set

He asks questions to the photographer and gets ready for the photoshoot

Omg ;; V oppa ;; zzang ;;

OMG oh dear! There are 2 Vs! (nope)

Too beautiful... too cold... I NEED U, V.....*

Chapter 6: Diary of observation - Jin during his free time and when he's taking photos

He's handsome...


He looks handsome when he's just monitoring too...

Jin: Yay, lieshoot! (It means time to lie down for the photoshoot)

He's really handsome...

Tired ;3;

Chapter 7: Electrifying! Always new! Hobi Hobi is the best!

The last person to appear is J Hope! Unlike his usual cute image, his eyes were filled with emotions

J Hope poses with the painting that also appeared in their short film

Electrifying! Always new! Handsome Hobi is the best!

Last chapter: Group lieshoot! (It means time to lie down for the photoshoot)

Each member appear in glossy pajama and lies down on the bed

Mr. A checks the position, Mr. B poses in a beautiful sleeping position, Mr. C and Mr. D really gets ready to sleep, Mr. E is really sleeping, Mr. F said he's just going to close his eyes but it looks like he's really sleeping, Mr. B and Mr. G are watching the flying insects - wow! Various style indeed!

Title: Dad tried to put his son to sleep but he falls asleep first

BTS is officially going to start their full length album promotion! Their jacket photos are so cool but they said their performance and the songs are much cooler~~!!?
Please look forward to the album and music video which will come out next week on October 10th ^0^

Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan!'s Starcast can't end here, right!? We'll begin the bonus cuts! 

Behind the Scene/ Things BTS members do when their photoshoot ends

Type 1) Monitoring

Type 2) Selca time

Type 3) Jaam. Jaam (shortened word of JAAMkkan JAAMdeulm = falls asleep for a while)

Type 4) Ceremony to celebrate the end

Behind the Scene / Things done by Jimin who was the busiest at the photoshoot location 

1) Meeting celebrity

Wow, he's a celebrity! (That what Jimin really said)

2) Makeup artist

Because our members' faces are important

3) Art team staff

Jimin: ........ (watching)

4) Watching

5) Supporting his friend

V: Oh, Mr. Park~

Jimin: Hobi hyung is really handsome...

7) Bubble bath

But there were only bubbles... *

8) Creates bubble poop (hand made)

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Response +1122

1. There's not many group like them. I mean this +1320 -26

2. I wonder if I could sleep on 10th night.. solo tracks of 7 members, can you believe this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +884 -10

3. ahk I'm really looking forward ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ +859 -14

4. Daebak ㅠㅠㅠ I love it!! I really want to receive my second album and see the photos ㅠㅠ +750 -10

5. ah... my heart hurts ㅜㅜㅜ +659 -11

6. How can they all be so equally pretty ㅠㅠ Wings, let's hit daebak. Fighting!! +432 -10

7. I'm really anticipating BTS's WINGS!! I read there's going to be a solo track for each member. I hope you all do well!! You guys are really cool ♡♡♡ Let's hit daebak like HYYH. Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan!! I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡ +415 -7

8. Omg... they're really handsome. I think their album will do well without a doubt +399 -8

9. euaaaaang they're so cute ㅠ +374 -8

10. You posted the behind cuts!!!!!! I'm so grateful!!!!!! +356 -7

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