[Starcast] 161018 "Perspiring, tearful album".... BTS, working hard at their workspace


Right now Jungkook is enjoying his sandwich

Will his hyung be any different?
Even Rap Monster is charging his sugar level

An official "party" has begun.
Right now, it's bulletproof-tea party?


Forget about mukbang!
BTS is working on their album.
Shall we go back in time?

"Such seriousness" (Jimin, Rap Mon)

"Such calmness" (Jin, J Hope)

"Such concentration" (Suga)

"BTS" is back. These days the group is soaring with their second full album "WINGS", right? They are the stealing our attention with their legendary songs and choreographies.

This makes us more curious. The production of "Blood, Sweat & Tears" that holds the blood, sweat and tears of the group. "Starcast" is revealing to you exclusivly.

Firstly, starting off with CGV ☞

It's "maknae line" Jimin and Jungkook. This is the corridor of the workspace. He's playing with his phone while lying down. He's staring at what's in front of them too. Are they just playing around?

No.Way. Jimin was writing the lyrics on his phone. Jungkook was also organizing his lyrics in his head. As they combine their opinions, synergy goes UP.

You can see Rap Monster dreaming in his sweet imagination. Daydreaming alone on his comfortable chair. It looks like the workspace is his heaven.

When an idea comes to him, hard.working.mode.

This time, V is feeling excited. He's dancing at their workspace~ Even J Hope can't hide his smile. Is this the "Fun boyz" we've been hearing about all this time?

Even eldest hyung Jin joins them. Who said people should be careful when 3 girls get together? The 3 guys can't stop laughing as they gather around. It looks like their fun chatting time has begun.

But no way. Right now, they are serious than any other person. They're sharing their own work. Checking, repeating and that explains their laughter.

"I'm very serious"

And this guy. You can tell who he is by his black hair. His name is sweet but he's "not" sweet when he's working for their album. Suga's unexpected charm? Nothing like that. He's very serious.

"Music is First Love"

This time they're at the recording studio. Full album after 2 years. It could make them nervous. However, you should practice than feel nervous, right? Jin, J Hope and V hold a fiery showdown in front of maknae Jungkook.

↓↓Shall we follow V's eyes?↓↓

"Serious Jin"

Jin participated in composing for the first time with the 9th track in the album "Awake". A lonely boy's song that talks about his desire to stand on his own feet.

He starts with a clear voice that reminds us of a boy. His emotion explodes in the chorus. It feels like watching a boy going through the gateway of growth?

"I was able to complete without any problems with the help from producer and members. Please listen to my song last. I want to create an ending effect." (Jin)

Even Jungkook's a pro at the recording studio. He rhythms with finger snaps. The recording repeats endlessly until they get the vocal that satifies them.

The second full album includes the solo track of each member. Jungkook is the star of the 3rd track "Begin". It was more meaningful because this is the first solo track he's recording.

"My 15 year old self who didn't have anything" , "I was able to develop emotions because I had hyungs", the song holds the emotions of Jungkook when he met his members. His detail and emotional vocal were impressive.

"I think while working on the solo track, I was able to look back at myself. It was a meaningful chance to talk about my feelings." (Jungkook)

They also told us about the recording episodes. They had good reasons to believe that they were signs of success.

"I came to listen to the recording after getting the OK sign but the entire record was gone. And we could hear my voice in the parts where I didn't record. This is daebak, right?" (Jungkook)

Jimin sincerely wrote his lyrics. He participated in writing and composing the 4th track "Lie". He writes on the paper with his pen then strikes it off, writes again and strikes it off...

"Many hands make light work". J Hope helped Jimin when he was having a hard time. He even supported Jimin after reading the lyrics he had written. They exchanged good ideas too.

"Rap Mon also joins them"

"Finishes writing his lyrics"

"I was very nervous. I couldn't sleep from anxiety or excitement. I was really curious about the responses and I'm grateful because it looked like many had been waiting for it." (Jimin)

And over here, Suga is looking serious for some time. We can feel seriousness (?) from his back. He gained attention for the mixtape he released last August. He focused on BTS album too.

His solo track" First Love" is a hip hop track that shows off string orchestra and piano sound. He talks about his piano first and then expressed his passion for music.

"I think not many people expected much from us when we first debuted. But I think we received love from people because we spoke about our story without filtering out. I want to continue this passion." (Suga)

It's "free soul" V. He's sitting in the most comfortable position. His shoes are tossed awaaaay from him~ It looks like he's playing but he's not. He's practicing his singing harder than anyone.

V showed off his charm with the 5th track "Stigma". It's a neo-soul genre song and he pulled it off with his unique personality. How did that make him feel?

"I was really happy because many of my opinions were mirrored in the lyrics and during the making process of the song. I expressed the hard times and about those past moments in my lyrics. This track is the classiest song in the album." (V)

And over here we see hyungs joining V's passionate singing. J Hope and Jin also raised their voice. Jungkook is judging the song sung by his hyungs. As expected, maknae on top.

"Hobi's voice is the best" (Jin)

After the serious recording, the seven members gathered around. Indeed, are they going to end with mukbang?

"Focusing on cookies?"

Forget about maknae on top. Jungkook is setting to watch the video. They monitor by watching videos of them performing on stage. Cookies and drinks aren't the main stars. Like so, they shed "Blood, Sweat and Tears"

"Falls into, falls into it"

♪ one little

♪ two little

♪ three little BTS

five little kids (feat. looking for Jin)

six little kids

seven little kids (feat. whole group)

Lastly, we asked Rap Monster about the goal and direction headed by BTS. Rap Monster showed his first capacity as a producer by participating in "HYYH Young Forever". He displayed his senses again with the 7th track "Reflection".

"Our first album is our only single. We included 9 to 10 songs in every album. There's a group people will trust listening to their songs in the album and not just the title track. We want to become that group. We'd like to hear "BTS we trust listening to"."

"We would be happy to make the listeners happy but it would be nicer if we could be a good influence on someone's values. I hope this album becomes the "wings" to BTS. I think we have grown musically and in many other ways."

☞ Lastly, bonus cut. We will begin with Vsual and end with visual.

"V~sual completes everything"

"Hobi's side profile"

"Shoulder-handsome" (Jimin)

"Looking handsome with his eyes closed" (Jungkook)

"looking handsome~Jin"

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1. kyyaaaaa it's BTS!! Congrats on entering 26th in Billboard 200!! Let's fly higher!! +2243 -45

2. BTS makes me say "as expected. By ranking in top 20 on Billboard main chart they set a new record as "Korean artist" and not "Korean idol". They broke the people's bias towards "trusting to not listen to boy groups" with "Blood Sweat and Tears" on music charts. They are a group that makes me proud. I also think that they are the only group I support to see their fandom grow +2021 -51

3. BTS let's succeed!!! +1527 -35

4. BTS I'm so proud of you and you are so cool♡ +1325 -27

5. Good jobㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I feel good because I think you guys have succeeded! +1301 -32

6. It's cool to look at them working hard!! Let's fly higher and farther!! BTS I will always support you +939 -29

7. Pretty boys, let's succeed more +872 -27

8. I think watching the production stage made me listen to their album again ㅜㅜ you guys worked hard +832 -21

9. Congrats on ranking 26th place on Billboard 200!!!! +786 -26

10. Aigooo our pretty boysㅜㅜ +734 -21

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