[StarStar★Broadcast] 161004 BTS to return with second full album "WINGS", rebellious boys -> youthful idol -> devil? Their concept transformation

Group BTS made their debut in K Pop industry on June 2013 and they grew up as the trend idol with their strong concept and unique style in the jungle like Kpop industry.  So we have compiled their concept transformation since their debut album to the upcoming second full album which is scheduled to release on 10th.

◆ Rebellious teenagers who sing about their dream and love

With their debut track "No More Dream", BTS expressed the concerns of a boy's "dream" with their line "Hey kiddo, what is your dream", and in "N.O" they questioned about a boy's happiness with the line "Nice house, nice car, could these things be the meaning of happiness". In the final chapter of their school trilogy "Boy in Luv", BTS expressed a boy's love with the line "I want to be, your oppa". In the Kpop industry where most artists sing about an adult's love, BTS showed unique charms by talking about the concerns of a teenage boy and started building their own fandom.

◆ Boys put on charisma

BTS organized the story behind the boy they've been talking about so far with "Danger" and other songs from  their first full album "Dark&Wild". They also found the group's identity. During this process, BTS wore black tone outfits on stage and showed charismatic and dynamic performances and rapping. Furthermore, They promoted with follow up songs like "Rise of Bangtan", "Just one day", "War of Hormone" and displayed their witty, gentle and various other charms on stage.

◆ Youth, and unstable boys

BTS changed completely with their "HYYH" series. After releasing their new album "HYYH pt1" on April 29th 2015, BTS got rid of their rebellious image and transformed into unstable boys who are caught in the concerns of youth. "HYYH" means Most Beautiful Moment in Life. Just like the meaning of their album title, the boys expressed the unstable yet beautiful images rather than a rebellious image.

◆ Boy meets Evil.... Boy, meets the devil

BTS is scheduled to comeback on October 10th with their second full album. The group previously revealed "Comeback Trailer : Boy Meets Evil" on their official Naver V App at 12AM on 26th last month. 

BTS member J Hope appeared in the revealed video and showed off his powerful and splendid solo dance to their intro song "Intro : Boy Meets Evil".

According to Bighit Entertainment, BTS will be talking about the growth and conflicts of youth as he faces temptation in their upcoming second full album "WINGS"

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