[Article] 161102 BTS V reveals his hidden saxophone skill "for the first time since debut"

Group BTS member V revealed his saxophone skill for the first time since debut.

BTS will be appearing on November 7th broadcast of MBC M "Starshow 360". 

V showed off unexpected charms with his hidden talent to play saxophone at the studio. Before playing the instrument,  V said, "I'm playing this for the first time since my debut. I learned to play when I was in middle school.". His members expressed, "This is our first time hear him play".

V said, "I've not played for 6 years after graduating middle school so I hope you all understand my imperfect performance." and began to play "Desperado" by The Eagles. It's said that V's saxophone playing is stunning (?) and the studio burned to the ground. 

When the two MCs, Tak Jaehoon and Lee Teuk asked V if he could play a song for Jimin to peform contemporary dancing, V confidently replied he's played EDM song with his saxophone. Every one questioned if he could but V started playing an EDM song right away, surprising the show members.

"Starshow 360" will broadcast on coming 7th at 5:30PM (KST) and 11:10PM on MBC Every1 and MBC Music.

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