[Article] 161103 Bang Sihyuk PD, "BTS is KPOP singer... Advancing to the US is overreaching"

BTS joined many global pop stars like Beyonce, Kanye West, Adele, Drake, and Norah Jones in the charts. Their second full album "WINGS" which released on 10th of last month entered "Billboard 200" which is one of Billboard's main charts and they achieved the highest ranking as Korean artist and proved their potential by remaining in the main chart for 2 consecutive weeks.

We need to pay attention to that fact that BTS was able to accomplish this result on the main chart and not on the "World Album Chart". BTS competed against global musicians and they proudly got their name on the chart with an album that contains Korean and not English songs and this is unquestionably encouraging.

Why is BTS receiving so much love from around the world? We asked the secret behind their popularity to CEO Bang Sihyuk of Bighit Entertainment who personally selected and raised BTS members.

"Splendid performance and attractive visual and their genre of songs which really blends well with the global trend for the Westerners to listen comfortably, I think I could say that those could be the reasons. Also, I think the fact that BTS expresses their own contemporary story which is unusual in typical KPOP, and interacting with their fans on platforms like Twitter, and Youtube which can be easily accessed by people all over the world could be the reasons."

CEO Bang Sihyuk's strategy perfectly hit the target. Ever since before their debut, BTS continuously talked about the reality in the eyes of their peers and the listeners found their work relatable. The group represented their peers and expressed the stories through their music and they received favorable responses and in this journey, their fandom firmly unified. They expressed hip hop genre in their own style and they found their own trendy and sophisticated colors.

CEO Bang also pointed out that BTS members immensely participate in their album and the sense of responsibility of members to carry out their duty in the group as the strength of the group.

"The strong point BTS members is that all members participate in composing, lyric writing, and producing, furthermore, the members are aware of their role in the group. Also, I think their commitment to carry out their part 100% for their group is a (strong) point."

These made their fans tighten up more. From their teenager like image, BTS has grown up into young men who can sing about "youth" and their fandom who stayed beside supporting them during this course developed a strong and solid bond with the artist. Hence, this made it possible for BTS to show tremendous power of entering the Billboard main chart.

However, CEO Bang Sihyuk has no plans of any official debut in the US (producing an album with only English songs and actively promoting in the US). He believes that BTS maximized their strength as KPOP artist and that made it possible for them to be where they are today. He expressed that they will be concentrating on growing as KPOP artist even in the future.

"I think the recognition received by KPOP artist from US mainstream market for their one genre due to the increase in the scale of KPOP market is different from making an official debut in the US market to compete against mainstream singers, the starting points of these two situations are extremely different."

"BTS has their strength as KPOP artist and I believe they reached where they're today by maximizing this point so we plan to continue focusing on their growth as KPOP artist. We'd be grateful when BTS is able to enter the US mainstream chart if the attention they receive now doesn't end here but I think it's overreaching for us to officially prepare for overseas expansion."

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1. They're great. I hope you continue to show great performance like now. +105 -1

2. yes... I believe that Bang PD has good reasons to think that they shouldn't make any hasty decisions to enter the US market when they're receiving great responses and good results!! I think you are preparing a bigger picture for them~ You created BTS with delightful concepts so you would take them to a bigger stage when you're satisfied with their performance someday. Of course, the members have improved a lot already but we still wish to see BTS like now than in other countries. +92 -0

3. Thank you for raising BTS. Bang PD-nim, you'll be blessed  +83 -0

4. As expected, Bang Sihyuk is smart. +71 -1

5. I honestly wish BTS will continue to sing Korean songs even when they go to the US!! Just like how we enjoy listening to English songs, I hope this happens to BTS too!! ^^ I wish BTS to become the singer who will make the listeners search for their lyrics!! +25 -0

6. Why can't I see articles like this on the main page? ㅠㅠ +24 -0

7. Bang Sihyuk-nim is very thoughtful and smart!! +20 -0

8. As expected from Bang PD-nim. He's not an impulsive person. I think it's important for BTS to focus on solidifying their currently large international hardcore ARMYs while maintaining the colors of BTS as KPOP artist rather than creating an album to target the US. +20 -0

9. BTS is really amazing. They're cool +17 -0

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