[Article] 161104 BTS, attempts acting... films a mini drama

BTS attempts acting.

Witty remarks, their hidden personal talents and legendary performance, you can also meet BTS who attempts acting on the 8th episode of "Starshow 360".

During the recording of  "Starshow 360" episode, BTS challenged acting with the concept "Flower boys BTS High School" and it's been said they recreated the dream school of female students. In the "BTS High School" it's been said that, Suga plays the music teacher role, Jimin plays the PE teacher, Rap Monster plays the English teacher, J Hope plays the Korean language teacher, Jin plays the school nurse, Jungkook plays the role of Art Society sunbae, and V plays the class president role. 

The members were shy at first due to the cringeworthy lines and also because most of them weren't experienced in acting but they say the members focused in their role and showed off passionate acting.

BTS's imaginary school romance mini drama will be aired on November 7th (Monday) at 5:30PM on MBC Every1 and also on MBC Music "Starshow 360".

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