[Article] 161104 [MD Interview] BTS "We zoomed to stardom? We worked our way up"

"It was a very satisfactory promotion. It was fun!"

After setting great records, boy group BTS performed their goodbye stage. BTS is wrapping up their second full album "WINGS" promotion with this week's music shows. The group achieved an all-kill, won the first place on various music shows and album charts, swept international music charts and much more. We asked BTS how they feel about these achievements. 

"Our "Blood Sweat & Tears" promotion was tiring but I think nothing comes free. And we're very happy because our album did well. These days I always have a smile on my face." (Rap Monster)

BTS is the first Korean artist to enter Billboard 200 Chart with 3 consecutive albums and they also gained attention for debuting at #26, which is the highest ranking achieved as a Korean artist. BTS picked these achievements as the most meaningful accomplishments. Also, they expressed joy for lining up the music charts with their songs and collecting #1 trophies of music shows. Furthermore, the server of Naver V App crashed due to their fans explosive responses during their comeback Naver V Live broadcast. Rumor has it that BTS is facing various difficulties in broadcasting live shows. To this Jin confessed, "All these are like gifts from our fans, attained by their unity so every record/achievement is important to us.".

We asked BTS if they can feel their growth and popularity and they all shook their heads.

"We didn't have the opportunity to feel our popularity rising because ever since we began our promotion, performing on music shows was our prime schedule. But recently we were mentioned on variety shows many times so that was quite surprising. I realize "we are in fact popular" by reading articles." (Jungkook)

"I was very surprised when I heard our (group) name mentioned recently on MBC "Radio Star". It's surprising and it's hard to believe too. We appear on the news too and that helped me realize our position." (Suga)

BTS literally did hit "daebak" and many believe that the group "zoomed to stardom". However, in fact, BTS had many ups and downs and they invested many hours and effort to reach where they are today. They were never able to achieve these results only because they're lucky or they promoted at the right time.

"I'd like to give 10 out of 10 for this promotion. We achieved great results, beyond my expectation. I would like to give a generous score. We're pleased with our promotion but we feel more proud because our fans really liked our album and the achievements we accomplished. I think that is why it's okay for me to give a high schore." (J Hope, V)

"Some say that we suddenly did well during our recent promotion but I think that isn't true. We're finally beginning to see the light. We were always worried and thought "Why are we so slow?". We did climb up, little by little but I thought it was too slow. So I was always worried thinking, "Can't we hit daebak?" and I think our recent accomplishments are very close to it (daebak)." (Rap Monster)

"We usually appear on music shows and not often on variety programs so I think some might think we're not promoting much. But honestly we did release new albums very often and I believe our appearance on music show could win us perfect attendance award from music shows. However, it's simply because more people learned about us during our "HYYH". Our fans know that we have worked our way up." (Suga)

Prior to this promotion, BTS revealed that "Daesang" was their goal. Surprisingly, BTS is very close to this goal. Many officials of KPOP industry cautiously predict BTS to win the Daesang award. Album, digital sale, music video views, etc. When you add them all up, BTS is not very far behind other top singers.

"It would be correct to say that Daesang is more like a vague dream than our actual goal. I guess the award will follow us if we continue working hard just like now, right? Just like how we didn't make this album with the thoughts of "let's really rank No. 26 on Billboard Chart!", I think we should just go on our own road." (Jimin)

"I used to obsess over results before but now I think we're able to achieve good results when we work hard. I used to be more stressed because I would focus too much on results but now I realized that it's much important for us to wait calmly and enjoy performing our stage." (Jin)

Meanwhile, BTS who has successfully finished their promotion will be holding their Global official fanclub ARMY 3rd fanmeeting "BTS 3rd MUSTER ARMY ZIP+" at Gocheok Skydome in Seoul on November 12~13th. 

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1. BTS fighting! Let's fly higher! +1111 -169

2. You guys speak so sweetly tooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ yes... you guys did grow steadily... as a fan who has been watching them since their debut, I'm so proud!! So I hope you guys stay humble like now and be grateful for even little things and not worry too much about results or popularity, appearing on variety shows and continue presenting us with good "music" ^^ We, your fans still lack a lot but thank you for keeping us happy and thank you for calling us pretty too~~ We'll continue to work harder! +1058 -166

3. I think BTS was able to reach where they are today only because they worked hard all the time and continued to do well!! It's really nice to see you guys humble. Please continue to present us with good music. Thank you always. +936 -141

4. Bangtan ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ARMYs will work harder. Thank you for always working hard. +854 -136

5. If you guys continue to produce music like now and when fans repay and support our artist equally, I think we will surely be able to win Daesang!! Fighting +804 -132

6. You guys really worked hard to get here. This is the result you guys achieved by taking a step at a time. +208 -28

7. As a fan, I'm really proud to see you guys growing steadily. I was sad because people didn't notice these charming boys but I'm happy to see you guys being recongized with this opportunity~~ I hope you guys achieve all your goals with more people recognizing you... fighting!! +185 -22

8. I like the interview ㅋ Seriously I always wondered if their new album would do well this time ㅋ but I'm so proud of them for reaching here steadily ㅠㅠ +184 -22

9. We all know that you guys worked hard until now ㅠㅠ thank you for presenting us with good music continuously +182 -23

10. they really speak sweetly ㅠㅠ +166 -18

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