[Article] 161105 BTS "Your unmeasurable and overflowing love, we will repay to all of you"

Boy group BTS shared their thoughts on ending their promotion.

BTS released their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th and they left a clear mark on Korean and international music charts. They began to prove their burning potential energy by lining up their album songs on Korean music charts, selling 500,000 copies during the pre-order period, their music video surpassed 40 million views, won #1 on music shows and so on. 

They received enthusiastic responses from the US too. They were the first Korean artist to enter "Billboard 200" chart with 3 consecutive albums, they also debuted at #26 (highest charting record as a Korean artist) and their name was mentioned among the top 20 songs you should include in your Fall playlist. BTS who has accomplished their goals and spent a joyful one-month long promotion is wrapping up their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" promotion this week.

On 4th, BTS who is scheduled to perform on MBC  "Show Music Core" and SBS "Inkigayo" revealed to Herald POP, "First of all, we want to thank our fans with all our hearts for the enormous amount of love they gave us during our "WINGS" promotion. Our Korean and of course, our International fans, we think we had received an unmeasurable amount of love from ARMYs around the world. We were happy and grateful every day during our 4weeks of "Blood Sweat & Tears" promotion."

They continued, "We will work harder and prepare ourselves to stand in front of you guys again very soon so we can repay all the love we received from everyone. Please wait for us until then! We are working day and night to prepare for the global official fanclub "ARMY" Fanmeeting so we hope you will look forward to it as well.".

Meanwhile, BTS will hold an official fanmeeting "BTS 3RD MUSTER 'ARMY. ZIP+'" on 12th and 13th November at Gocheok Skydome in Seoul. KBS2TV pre-produced drama "Hwarang: The Beginning" starring BTS member V will premiere in December. Jin was chosen as the new member to join SBS variety program "Law of the Jungle - in Sulawesi".

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