[Article] 161110 [Official Statement] BTS's agency states, "Members suffer from rumors and malicious comments... We are determined to take legal action"

Group BTS announced that they will take strong legal actions against malicious comments.

On 10th, Bighit Entertainment released an official press release, "We would like to announce that from November 10th 2016, we will take strong legal actions against online malicious rumors, false information, personal attacking posts, and comments, etc that will harm the reputation of BTS members."

They continued, "BTS members have suffered for a long time due to the rumors and malicious comments and we, the company has decided to take firm actions against these behaviors.". They further explained, "Some netizens continue to criticize and make personal attacks to the members by distorting BTS's production, music promotions including their private lives with malicious intention and from our judgment, we decided that these netizens' behaviors should not be overlooked."

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Response +1141

1. I like their strong confrontation. Reasonless good faith (forgiving, generosity) can play the role of nourishment that helps to grow poison. +3578 -472

2. I ask you to take strong legal actions without any settlement~ +2941 -385

3. I've collected a lot of data. I'll send you all. +2852 -451

4. I still see people leaving malicious comments without coming to their senses;;; I think they don't even know if their behavior is wrong or right +2511 -358

5. Fans suffered a lot due to various rumors until now. I believe the haters should be all sued. You're doing great, Bighit! +2459 -397

6. I hope you all read out the comments you wrote in front of your parents at the police station ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ +723 -86

7. I think they're amazing for bearing all the hate ㅠㅠ Finally, they've decided to take legal actions so I hope they send them the karma. please... +652 -71

8. Finally... you've thought well +580 -52

9. Were you guys happy with producing endless rumors and leaving malicious comments over the last +1 year? You might have spat your words thoughtlessly but you wounded the members and their fans. I hope you take responsible for your words and reflect on your behavior. +632 -72

10. You're doing great. Now we'll have fewer people blabbering on the internet anonymously +565 -52

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