[Article] 161111 [Star Focus] BTS, why did they draw their sword... "Wishing them to have much better days in the future"

BTS drew their sword against malicious rumors.

On 10th, BTS's company Bighit Entertainment made an official statement, "We would like to announce that from November 10th 2016, we will take strong legal actions against online malicious rumors, false information, personal attacking posts, and comments, etc that will harm the reputation of BTS members.".

Their company revealed that BTS members have been suffering due to this matter for a long time and announced that they have reached the point where they can't overlook some of these netizens' habitually distort facts and make personal attacks.

The company also announced that they will use all possible legal measures to deal with additional damages and defamation. Moreover, they are working to investigate the matter by collecting official materials necessary for the procedure.

What could be the reason behind BTS's decision? BTS had to suffer numerous rumors and malicious comments since their debut days. Starting with personal feelings like "I don't like his face" to "sajaegi" accusations. This is only their 4th year and it's true that they're taking serious action against the matter.

The sajaegi accusation began since their early debut days but this still continues today when they have reached the summit. Recently, BTS set a new record on Gaon Chart with their second full album "WINGS" and topped October Album Chart. However, some anti-fans criticized their achievement and accused them of "saejaegi" and demanded a feedback from the group's company. Their fans from all around the world revealed their receipts to prove their purchase on SNS and argued it wasn't saejegi but  the anti-fans refused to hear their voices and closed their eyes.

Various rumors claimed by the anti-fans began to grow and it soon became a fan war. A part of them began to create character controversy of BTS and their fandom ARMY. They also screen captured a photo of one member with malicious intents and created a controversy which created a big fight between the fans.

The SNS platform is where the fans stay most active and this is also where they get into fights due to bad apples. In May, shameful words, curses, and slandering dominated the SNS because of the anti-fans right after BTS ended their concert.There's not doubt that BTS is not aware of this matter since they communicate with their fans on SNS and the fact that they thanked their fans during this hour.

Their actions might seem like immature behaviors of someone who is jealous of BTS's growth. However, it's clear that they have crossed their limit. Their company has realized this and they took action to investigate this matter.

To create a healthy fan culture on SNS where users can interact in real time, it's necessary to refrain from making thoughtless attacks. There is no doubt. To the speaker, it might be just a few words but your words can turn into thousands and tens of thousands of criticisms for the artist.

The accusations BTS received all this time will not disappear in "2, 3" by taking legal actions. However, we wish them to have much better days in the future.

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