[Article] 161114 [BTS enters Gocheok②] "We even had a fan who said she wants to marry Bang Sihyuk" Fan meeting talk, talk, talk

Their splendid performances and eloquent ments shined the fan meeting.

Group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) held their global official fan club ARMY 3rd fan meeting "BTS 3rd Muster ARMY ZIP+" on November 12th and 13th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

This event was held for 2 days. They opened 38,000 seats and in just 10 minutes, all seats from the first floor ground until the 4th floor were sold out and this proved the group's popularity. Thus, after their 4th exclusive concert "2016 BTS Live HYYH On stage: Epilogue" last May which was held at Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park which could hold 24,000 audience, in just 3 years since the group's debut they conquered the biggest indoor stadium in Korea, Gocheok Dome and proved their monstrous growth.

 Previously, BTS released their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th and 681,924 copies were sold in October, according to Gaon Chart. The album also debuted at #26 on US Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200", setting the highest ranking as KPOP artist. The group also ranked 62nd place on UK Official Album chart and they received love from all around the world. Not only music charts, they also won 1st places on music shows and they successfully wrapped up their 4 week promotion in Korea.

After wrapping up their promotion, the members met their fans again at the fan meeting and just like their previous 3 years, they sang passionately, danced until they broke their bones and ran around the stage. They didn't just performed their hit songs like "Boy in Luv", "Dope", "Fire" and "Blood Sweat & Tears", they prepared special unit stages they had never shown in their previous concerts and they also set Gocheok Dome on fire with special events.

Rap Monster and Jungkook passionately sang their 3rd anniversary song "I Know" and heated the venue air. For the first time, Suga performed "Tony Montana" from his first official solo mixtape which released last August 16th with Jimin who he had picked as the member he'd like to perform on stage together someday. It was their first joint stage and the crowd went wild. It was a unique stage because the audience could watch vocalist Jimin's first rap performance. J Hope, V and Jin transformed into "Bangtan Children Scouts" with cute outfits and made their fans laugh to their cute "FIRE", "Boy in Luv" and "Dope" performances.

Although this wasn't going to be aired on TV or a live internet broadcast which can be viewed by the public, the members' live  performances were flawless. The members completed the perfect fan meeting with their perfect stages and witty talks. We compiled their sincere messages that made their audience cry and their witty talks that caused howls of laughter.

▲ J Hope, "I want to become BTS's fan"

The members couldn't stop admiring the large venue filled with their fans when they first step on the stage. J Hope began, "Finally, BTS entered Gocheok Dome and so many of you came to see us.", he then continued, "We're amazing. Seriously BTS is amazing. I want to become BTS's fan", making the audience laugh to his joke.

▲ Kim Youngchul, "Please save your voices when I'm speaking"

Celebrity Kim Youngchul, the MC of the event presented the audience with little specks of fun with his playful witty talks. When the audience cheered loudly for him when he appeared on the stage he said, "Are you cheering for me? Guys, you should save your voices when oppa is speaking." and expressed his envious feelings, "I wish at least 100 of the many fans who are here today are my fans.". He also expressed his surprise to the heated air, "Did you guys practice to cheer for me before I got on the stage? I didn't even say much but I think they (fans) are laughing at every word I say."

▲ Suga, "I wish I have my own AlphaGo".

During the ment time when they were asked about recent words they searched on portal sites, Suga said since he's in charge of  lethargy in the group, he explained, "I usually search about the future and the possible future industries. I've been searching a lot about the future of humanity.". He also joked, "I wish AI BTS or AlphaGo BTS would be developed so my AlphaGo Suga could  sing and dance on stage while I rest in my bed.". The fans expressed disappointment to his answer and Suga corrected his answer to, "That's what I used to think but I think that ruins the dignity of man. I will do my best on stage.".

▲ Jungkook, "I think Jin hyung's mental age is decreasing day by day"

The eldest hyung Jin who is the mood maker of the group with his cheerful and bright "Ahjae jokes" said, "I try to act younger to lead a younger life." and said, "It's all because I'm very mature.". To this, the youngest member Jungkook jokingly replied, "I think Jin hyung's mental age is decreasing day by day. He always calls me "JK".". Jin replied, "Oh, young man, only my actions are immature". Suga added, "I think the only member who responds to Jin hyung's jokes is Jungkook.".

▲ Rap Monster, "Fans are curious about the sound of a sigh in bathrooms"

We could peek at the members' extraordinary friendship when they talked about their toilet episode.  V recalled the incident, "Someone was sighing inside the (broadcast station) toilet. So I asked "Jungkook?" and he replied "Yes, hyung."." Jungkook replied, "This is true. Usually when you sit down (toilet seat), you sigh, right?". To this Rap Monster jokingly told him off, "Fans don't want to know if we sigh when we sit on the toilet seat.". Suga made them laugh by adding, "Let's shout "ya-ho!" (hurray) when we sit in the future.".

▲  Rap Monster, "We even had a fan who said she wants to marry Bang Sihyuk"

BTS prepared a postcard for devoted reader corner. Before they began their fan meeting, BTS members read every postcards they received from their fans and they selected the most memorable postcards to share on the stage. Rap Monster revealed, "The memorable postcard was about the fan's love for Bang Sihyuk PD-nim." and Suga continued, "Another fan said she sincerely wants to marry Bang Sihyuk PD-nim. Can the writer please raise her hand?".

▲ J Hope, "Now you can boast you're a fan of BTS!"

BTS received attention as the hip hop group produced by famous producer Bang Sihyuk under Bighit Entertainment but due to their unique group name, they didn't receive love and public recognition from the very beginning.  BTS was aware of the public's hostility to their group name and the prejudices. The members climbed a step at a time and performed their own music and performances, growing up as global musician.

During the ending ment, J Hope said with a smile, "To fill this space (Gocheok Dome) with fans who share same feelings, I'm happy and proud as a youth of South Korea and as a KPOP singer who represents a country. I'm sure you guys are happier than me. You guys are happy, right? Please go on and tell everyone you're a fan of BTS! Please boast you're a fan of BTS! It's okay for you to boast. I'm proud.".

▲ Rap Monster, "You are my universe"

Leader Rap Monster who previously mentioned that he always heads to his workspace while thinking about his fans when he gets stuck while working on a song also emphasized that their fans are his driving force during the ending of the event. He said, "I only think of 3 things in my moments of despair. First is music, second is family and 3rd is all of you. There's no point in making music if there aren't any listeners and there's no point in performing when we don't have an audience. You are my last bastion and my strong supporters, I'm very grateful and I love you." and he revealed, "In this shimmering space, we are entirely one. And I hope you will not forget that you are my universe.".

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