[Article] 161114 BTS's successful global fan meeting at Gocheok... 38,000 fans went wild

Group BTS's fan meetings with global fans were successful.

From 12th to 13th, BTS held their global official fanclub ARMY 3rd fan meeting "BTS 3rd MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+]" at Gocheok Dome in Seoul and met with 38,000 fans from around the world.

Comedian Kim Youngchul was the MC of the events and BTS was able to talk about the things they couldn't tell their fans during the fan meeting and they continued to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Also, they prepared sketch video "House of ARMY", team race game "BANGTAN RUN" and other corners which captured the hearts of fans around the world with BTS's own unique, cheerful and friendly charms.

BTS performed special unit stages for the fans who came to see them at Gocheok Dome. Rap Monster and Jungkook passionately sang to "I Know" which was revealed on their 3rd anniversary, Jimin transformed into a rapper and performed "Tony Montana" (track from Suga's mixtape Agust D) with Suga. Lastly, Jin, J Hope and V presented the audience by forming "Bangtan Children Scouts" and performed hit songs in children's songs remix version.

Besides the above stages, BTS performed "Blood Sweat & Tears", "FIRE", "DOPE" and many other hit songs and intensified the atmosphere. Their 38,000 fans who filled Gocheok Dome moved the members by singing along to all their songs.

BTS expressed, "We're very touched to be at Gocheok Dome with our fans. Thank you for being our strong and reliable support during our hard times. Meeting you all is my greatest happiness. We will work harder to present you with better songs and better performances to repay your love.". The fans could feel the sincerity of BTS. 

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1. Their fan meeting was 3 hours and 30 mins long (shivers) I thought I was at their concert. Generous Boy Scoutsㅠㅠ they looked at each fan in the eyes and this touched me ㅠㅠ thank you for creating an unforgettable memory! BTS ♡ +46 -0

2. We will become ARMYs who will lead you from the front and not ARMYs who push you guys in the imaginary universe! Love you BTS +39 -0

3. I really cried and laughed a lot the past 2 days ㅠㅠ I was touched and I could never express these feelings in words. You guys worked hard! +37 -0

4. You guys really sparkled in that large venue. I will never forget how you looked each of us in the eye and I really enjoyed your stages. I'll look forward to the year-end performances! I support you. +35 -0

5. Guys thanks for being our HYYH. We will always support and care about you. +33 -0

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