[Article] 161114 "They deserve to be loved by ARMY"... Kim Youngchul X BTS's friendly photo

Celebrity Kim Youngchul revealed the photo he took with group BTS.

On 14th, Kim Youngchul revealed the photo he took with BTS on his Instagram when he emceed their fan meeting at Gocheok Dome. 

He wrote, "You guys are very innocent, kind and hardworking! You deserved to be loved by ARMYs! I also had a wonderful weekend thanks to you guys!" and continued, "Your blood, sweat and tears will not betray you! Today I played the song on "Kim Youngchul's Power FM"! ARMYs, I hope you guys listen to my radio show!". He did play their song "Blood, sweat & Tears" on his radio show "Kim Youngchul's PowerFM".

The revealed photo captured Kim Youngchul with BTS members.

Meanwhile, Kim Youngchul's Power FM broadcasts every day at 7am.

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1. Kim Youngchul, you're a very hardworking person too.. I always support you! Thank you ♡ +68 -0

2. Thank you for being kind to our boys~♡ Youngchul-nim, fighting! +57 -0

3. This is really heartwarming~! +49 -0

4. I really couldn't stop laughing when Mr. Kim Youngchul appeared on the stage ㅋㅋ thank you for being a wonderful and funny MC and I hope Mr. Kim Youngchul to succeed. +44 -0

5. You worked hard too thank you ❤ +44 -0

6. Thank you for your hard work. You worked hard for the last 2 days. +16 -0

7. Thank you for being kind to our boys and you worked hard too~~ ^^ +15 -0

8. Thank you very much~~ I hope you will continue to take good care of BTS!! ^^ +15 -0

9. I did hear Blood Sweat & Tears on the radio this morning ㅎㅎ +15 -0

10. Super Power Youngchul hyungnim, you were so funny ㅠ0ㅠ Although you might have felt nervous, you took great care of BTS and ARMYs. I was really happy. +14 -0

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