[Article] 161116 [2016 AAA] Bang Sihyuk wins AAA Best Producer Award and thanks "Park Jinyoung and BTS".

Producer Bang Sihyuk won the Best Producer Award at 2016 Asia Artist Awards (AAA). 

On 16th evening, AAA, the first ever award ceremony for both KPOP and K-Drama artists was held at Kyunghee University in Seoul.

On this day, Bang Sihyuk earned the glory of winning the Best Producer award. Bang Sihyuk expressed, "I won an award after a long time. I will accept this award with gratitude and continue to work in the field for a long time." 

Bang Sihyuk revealed, "I want to thank Park Jinyoung, staffs of Bighit Entertainment, BTS and many others.".

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1. Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, I love your music. Congratulations for winning the Best Producer Award and please continue making great music!! +374 +18

2. BTS I love you. BTS is here because of Bang Sihyuk PD-nim. Thank you. +314 -16

3. Congratulations Bang PD-nim ~~! +269 -14

4. I seriously respect Bang Sihyuk! Thanks for debuting a perfect group like BTS! +271 -18

5. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS and Bang Sihyuk watched each other with fatherly smile +61 -2

6. Bang PD-nim is jjang! Thank you for bringing our oppas together and thank you for stepping forward to deal with the haters~♥ +49 -1

7. Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, congratulations!! ^^ +43 -1

8. BTS is here with us all because of you, Bang Sihyuk PD-nim!! Congratulations for winning the award♥ +45 -3

9. Bang PD-nim, congratulations~~~ Best Producer~~~ +42 -2

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