[Article] 161116 [2016 AAA] Kim Yoojung & BTS win the Best Icon Award

Actress Kim Yoojung and group BTS won the "Best Icon" Award.

On 16th evening, "2016 Asia Artist Awards" (AAA) was held at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Hall.

BTS said, "Thank you Bang Sihyuk Producer-nim and we will work hard to become the singer who creates great stages and thank you for the wonderful award.".

Original article here & here (BTS's photo)
Response +136

1. Yoojung's really pretty today!! Congrats to BTS too!! +420 -24

2. Their acceptance speech was cool! BTS congrats!! Congratulations to Kim Yoojung-nim too and Bang PD-nim as well ㅎㅎ +287 -21

3. Yoojung, why are you so pretty! BTS congrats! +283 -20

4. Congrats to Yoojung unnie and BTS too~!! I hope you guys continue to have wonderful days~❤️❤️❤️ +200 -13

5. The award ceremony was weird but I'm happy because BTS won an award and Kim Yoojung is f***ing gorgeous +75 -2

6. Congratulations to Ms. Yoojung and BTS! I hope you will work on more beautiful flower roads~~♡+74 -3

7. Oh BTS fans are nice. Congrats to Yoojung and BTS! +76 -4

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