[Article] 161116 BTS climbs on the US Billboard Chart... They ranked higher than Ariana Grande

Boy group BTS topped US Billboard "Social Chart", pushing top star Ariana Grande.

According to the latest chart published by US Billboard (2016 November 16th), BTS ranked No.1 on "Social 50" Chart, No.3 on "World Album" Chard, and their song "Blood Sweat & Tears" ranked No.3 on "World Digitial Song" Chart.

Compared to last week's chart, they climbed 1 spot higher on "Social 50" Chart, 3 spots higher on "World Album Chart" and 6 spots higher on "Digital Song Chart". These records prove that they are climbing the charts again.

Although BTS has ended their official promotion of their second albums "WINGS", they still remain on the US Billboard "Social 50" , "World Album Chart", "World Digital Song Chart" for 5 weeks and this proves their undying popularity. Their popularity parade continues.

Their album "WINGS" has been constantly battling with US top star Ariana Grande for the first place on "Social 50" chart but this week BTS wins back the first place this week and this proves the group's global SNS influence and popularity.

Meanwhile BTS's second full album "WINGS" set the best record on Gaon Chart by selling 681,924 copies in a month (October).

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