[Article] 161117 BTS, "We will remember 2016 even on the last day of our lives" (Interview)

"I think this year is going to be the year I'll remember even on the last day of our life!"

BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook) won the AAA Best Artist Award (equivalent to Bonsang) and AAA Best Icon Award at 2016 AsiaArtistAwards which held on 16th at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Hall.

During their acceptance speech, BTS expressed, "We're happy to receive such honorable award. We're not even sure if we deserve this great award." and continued, "We will try our best to show better performances and become a group that deserves this great award.".

It was indeed a remarkable activity. BTS grew as one of the best Korean idol groups by promoting actively in Korea and in other countries, releasing "HYYH Young Forever" , "WINGS" in Korea this year and also releasing their Japanese albums "I NEED U" and "RUN". 

Their achievements proved BTS's 2016 performance. After releasing their second full album "WINGS" last October, BTS swept all major music charts in Korea and won 6 trophies in music programs. They also set the highest selling record by selling 680,000 copies in the month of October and topped Gaon Monthly Chart.

BTS also entered the US Billboard 200 chart for the third time, debuting at #26 which is the highest charting record achieved by Korean artist. Moreover, they ranked No.1 on Billboard World Album Chart, Billboard Digitial Song Chart, topped Japanese album store Tower Records' Weekly Album Chart, ranked No.1 on Chinese video site Yinyuetai V Chart for Korea, topped iTunes Charts in 97 countries, won the first place on US Apple Music Chart and so on. The group accomplished astonishing results in other countries.

Naturally, this year's performance is unforgettable and extraordinary to the members. These achievements aren't easy to accomplish again to BTS who is starting their 4th year. 

"I'm a person who believes that you will be rewarded for the amount of effort you make but 2016 was the year which made me trust in my belief once again. It was a year filled with many unforgettable memories." (Jimin)

"It's a year I will remember even on the last day of my life. It's all possible because of all of you." (Suga)

"I agree. 2016 was the year that made our dreams come true. Many people got to learn about us and I believe that we have more responsibility now. But that doesn't pressure us because we gained more precious things when our responsibilities grew." (Rap Monster)

"We were able to set many records and although it was an eventful year, we had many great days and I think it was a wonderful year. I think it was a great year because many people were supporting us from behind. I'm very grateful to them." (Jin)

Previously, during Star News' 12th Anniversary Interview, BTS mentioned "Daesang" and "global artist" as their future goals. BTS's achievements were extraordinary enough to advance the date to achieve these goals. To this, BTS replied, "We will not chase behind Daesang or title like the Global artist but we believe if we continue doing our best, we will be holding these achievements when the time comes.".

BTS said it was their fans, company staffs and their family who gave them the biggest strength to reach where they are today.

"ARMYs (BTS's official fanclub name) have always been our supporters. We can't imagine our lives without ARMYs. Also, we have to mention our Bang Sihyuk PD-nim and Bighit staffs, and many musicians who inspired us."

Among BTS's greatest performances, we have to mention the popularity of their album "WINGS" and its title track "Blood Sweat & Tears". "WINGS" is the story of the conflicts and growth of boys who meet temptation. The album contains 15 songs in total including the title track "Blood Sweat & Tears". Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope participated in making "Blood Sweat & Tears". They added sexiness into their concept unlike their previous fierce and strong image.

BTS replied, "We never expected "Blood Sweat & Tears" to receive so much love. Our previous song "FIRE" was a great song too so we think that was why we couldn't easily predict the favorable response for "Blood Sweat & Tears"."

BTS has been running forward breathlessly and there was one incident that worried their fans in 2016, it was Rap Monster's break due to health issues. He had to leave his Beijing concert early in July due to heat stroke and he also took a short break in September due to fatigue fraction. Rap Monster revealed, "I'm recovering by sleeping whenever I can. I'm also getting regular health check-ups so I hope you won't worry.".

We mentioned the phrase "mid 20s" to BTS who is standing on the pinnacle. By then, BTS would be standing at crossroads in various ways. BTS laughed and replied, "We still haven't thought.".

"But I think it's going to be fun. I'm anticipating too because our members would all be mature grown up men. Right now, I want to enjoy my present life and savor every day." (V)

"I believe we need to work harder for a happier future. But one thing will stay unchanged, the fact that I will be spending my time with hyungs even then. And of course, our ARMYs too. " (Jungkook)

Other than Daesang and Global artist, what could be the dreams BTS wasn't able to accomplish? We received various and simple answers.

"I wish we could meet ARMYs around the world. I hope we can meet them very soon." (J Hope)

"To become a team who we would also think we're cool when we look at ourselves. I still think we have many flaws. But someday we would think we're cool, right?" (Jimin)

"Just a good person, I want to be a great person." (Suga)

"We hope we could go on a trip with our members even just for a few days. We wish we could have our own time and talk together." (Rap Monster, Jin)

"I think growth is what's most important. My goal is to become a singer who improves by increasing my skills." (Jungkook)

"I have many dreams but among them, there are some we've achieved already and some which we still haven't. But my constant goal is to continue showing you the 7 of us bickering and to receive love." (V)

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1. Until the day you achieve your dreams, I will continue to support you BTS without changing. Fighting!! +534 -2

2. Wow why am I crying after reading an article...?? ㅜㅜㅜ I'm so proud of you. You guys really really worked hard during "WINGS" promo and let's spend the remaining days of 2016 well. I'll be waiting for your end of the year performances♥ I "purple" you BTS ㅜㅜ +464 -2

3. BTS let's hit bigger daebak +432 -2

4. BTS, I really love you guys and I hope you guys gradually achieve your dreams one at a time and dream new ones with ARMYs! I wish you guys to be more successful and I'll pray for you. I'm supporting you always +416 -2

5. This was a wonderful year thanks to BTS ㅎㅎ +398 -2

6. I was someone who wasn't interested in idols but I joined the fandom after listening to their album songs and reading their lyrics. They're my first idol. Please succeed! I hope you grow bigger. Fighting +111 -1

7. They're always humble, working hard all the time, depend on each other like family and they care about ARMYs ㅠㅠ actually I always feel bad to BTS at the end of the year when I think of their talent and achievements.. they could win more awards.. 2016 was the best year and my favorite concert became BTS's fan meeting and my favorite 12AM moments were when I waited for "FIRE", short films and "Blood Sweat & Tears"... Fans will work hard to be a better fandom and to create a better image for BTS!! I'm ready to support you always if you will continue to make great music in the future so please don't be sick and I hope you will continue to produce music happily! BTS fighting! ♥ +100 -1

8. They really answered the interview earnestly.. who wouldn't look at them favorably for their effort and sincere minds? +99 -1

9. Even we can't imagine our lives with BTS ㅜㅜ Their love for fans overflows as they become more popular and they're so humble. I think I made the right decision to BANGTAN! Thank you let's continue to stay together always! I trust listening to BTS +93 -1

10. I want to have their mindset. They're a cool group. +90 -1

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