[Article] 161117 [College Scholastic Ability Test D-Day] The emancipating songs personally picked by the ★s

"2017 College Scholastic Ability Test" was held at 1183 test centres in 83 regions in Korea. When the bell which announce the end of exam rings, all test-takers would want to enjoy the sense of freedom than any other moment. "Top" boy groups stepped forward to help you enjoy that feeling.

From BTS who is recognized by the US Billboard to the trend idol Infinite who is true to their name, "mischievious" Block B, "All-rounder" B1A4 and many other idols sent their recommended music to TV Daily. We hope you guys enjoy the day listening to the "College Scholastic Ability Test  emancipating songs".


Suga "I hope the test-takers who worked hard until today cheer up while listening to this song"

"FIRE" is the title track of BTS's "HYYH Young Forever" which released last May. It's an Electro Trap genre song and it's the song that showcases BTS's wild and energetic powers. The song which rages from the start suggests listeners to accept the messed up realities and to burn up this very moment. When the song reaches its climax we hear Suga's cynical "불타오르네" and this attracts the listener's attention. These five words "불타오르네" is completely subjective and at the same time, it's thoroughly indifferent. The song's unique explosive power heightens the listeners' excitement.

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