[Article] 161119 Will BTS change the topography of year-end awards ceremony with their rapid growth?

Group BTS is expected to change the topography of year-end music awards ceremony with their sudden rapid growth this year. Daesangs like "Album of the Year" award which focus on the album sales of artists were usually given to EXO but this year BTS threatens their position.

681,924 copies of BTS's second full album "WINGS" which released on October 10th were sold in the month of October (Gaon Chart). This is the highest album sales recorded by a group with a single album in a month ever since Gaon Chart began calculating the sales since March 2010.

540,000 copies of EXO's 3rd album "Ex'Act" (Korean version) which released in June were sold until today. Their repackage album which contains new songs and a new cover released in August and 220,000 copies had been sold. 760,000 copies have been sold altogether.

However, if we just look at one version of the album, BTS has sold an overwhelming number of copies compared to EXO. If BTS releases a repackage album with a new song just like EXO, we expect to see a great cumulative sum. If we consider these points, BTS deserves to win the Daesangs like "Album of the Year", "Album Daesang" which relate to the album sales.

Furthermore, BTS entered the US Billboard Album Chart "Billboard 200" for the third time with their second full album "WINGS" and they set the highest record of Korean artist by debuting at No.26. Officials say that this is why BTS deserves to also win the "Artist of the Year" award. Therefore, it looks like BTS's rapid growth will start an intense battle at the end of the year music awards ceremonys.

The first music award ceremony of this year will begin with Melon Music Award on 19th at Gocheok Sky Dome. It looks like we should  focus paying attention to this awards ceremony.

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1. I hope Korean music awards grow up to a trustable awards ceremony where they award artist based on their achievements and talents and not considering the power of their company. +195 -3

2. I agree with you, journalist. Only one type of album should be considered for album sales and BTS deserves the award because they sold more number of copies in the short time. Not only their album sales, BTS put their name on US Billboard Album Chart, UK Chart, iTunes chart and various other international music charts so BTS deserves the "Artist of the Year" award. The facts prove this. +191 -3

3.  This year was a meaningful year to both BTS and their fans. I hope you guys achieve your dreams! BTS you worked hard~♡ +156 -2

4. You guys really worked hard this year♡♡ +152 -3

5. As expected from BTS♡ Proud of you!! You guys worked hard +147 -2

6. Honestly 2016 was BTS's year~ they accomplished biggest achievements in the KPOP industry this year!!! +59 -0

7. It's true BTS's recent album hit daebak. The responses they got from Billboard and other international charts were legendary and although they've ended their promotion, their songs are still high in the charts and they're a group I look forward to seeing in the future. +58 -0

8. BTS deserves to win big awards. I hope Korean awards ceremonies don't stay old anymore~~ +56 -0

9. Finally, the rewarding moment is right in front of their eyes ㅠㅠ you guys really worked hard and thank you always ♥ I was proud to be a BTS fan but now I'm prouder! +56 -0

10. I can tell how much of blood, sweat and tears you all shed to reach here when I watch your performances... please, let's clap for them.. they're really cool +54 -0

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