[Article] 161120 BTS, TWICE - the meaning of their first Daesang [2016 MMA②]

Rising with sensational popularity, group BTS and Twice finally  won their first Gayo Daesang. The two teams are receiving great love from Korea and overseas. BTS who won their first Daesang at "2016 Melon Music Award" shed tears of joy.

On 19th, BTS and Twice won the "Best Album of the Year" and "Best Song of the Year", respectively at the "2016 Melon Music Award" which was held at Gocheok Dome in Seoul. Both groups couldn't hide their tears of happiness and they thanked their fans who have been supporting them until now and their company who made it possible for them to reach their current positions.

The acceptance speech of BTS and Twice were special. This is their first Daesang after their debut. They both showed great performance this year and the members would have looked forward to the day. It would have been meaningful since they accomplished by competing against outstanding artists.

# BTS, they accomplish their goal for this year

BTS mentioned that their goal was to win the Daesang when they made their comeback with second full album "WINGS" last month. On 19th, they fulfilled their goal at "Melon Music Award". BTS received enthusiastic responses this year. They took a step at a time to achieve this result and this made it more meaningful.

681,924 copies of BTS's second full album were sold in the month of October, setting a new record on Gaon Chart. The group also set various other records in international music charts and this also helped them win the award. This was the achievement they were able to accomplish with their fans. That was also why the tears shed by the members seemed more special. This is a valuable award to BTS because they've worked hard.

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1. Twice and BTS, congrats to both teams ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ you guys worked hard ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +1771 -262

2. I can still remember Twice and BTS crying yesterday. Congrats! +1418 -210

3. Twice and BTS, congrats on winning your first Daesang!! EXO is amazing too! +1341 -194

4. Congrats to both teams! Let's only walk on flower road +1003 -155

5. Congrats to both teams~ I'm happy because I think the awards went to the teams who deserved them ㅎㅎ +1207 -257

6. BTS and Twice, congrats~~ +320 -29

7. Congrats to both team!! +272 -18

8. Twice and BTS! You both worked very hard!! +286 -26

9. Let's congratulate each other.. You all worked hard and congrats! +273 -22

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