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Group BTS won the glory of winning their first Daesang after debut.

On 19th, BTS won the "Album of the Year" award, one of the three Daesangs and the Top 10 award at "2016 Melon Music Awards".

BTS set their first foot in the Gayo industry with their debut song "No More Dream" in 2013 June and after 3 years since their debut, BTS had the pleasure of winning their first Daesang.

After the awards ceremony, BTS members shared their thoughts and gratitude to their fans. Suga said, "We will repay our ARMYs who have given us this wonderful award with better album and performance." and expressed his gratitude. Jin said, "Thank you for giving us the chance to shed joyful tears. I hope we can make ARMYs happy because of us.".

Jungkook expressed, "I never imagined we'd win the Daesang. I'm grateful to ARMYs who made it possible and to everyone who supported us from beside us.", V also thanked the fans, "I never thought ARMYs would present us with such wonderful award. I'm forever grateful and I will always work hard and love you forever.".

Jimin said, "I believe we always make things possible with ARMYs. Thank you so much for today and let's continue creating more beautiful memories together.", J Hope also said, "I love our ARMYs the most for giving us this wonderful award. You guys won the award too so let's laugh together.".

Lastly, Rap Monster expressed his gratitude, "It was a wonderful award which took away all pain and worries of this year. Even we are aware of the effort we made to create our album so "Album of the Year" means a lot to us. I feel bad to ARMYs because it seems like only we got the glory when we worked hard together. We would like to give this glory to our ARMYs.".

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1. They really speak sweetly. I support you!! +640 -14 

2. BTS grows every time they release an album and I think it's safe for us to say that they're one of the top 3 groups who show their growth +619 -16

3. You guys worked hard ㅠㅠ My heart ached to see them cry and I choked too. Let's walk only on flower road +579 -16

4. You guys really achieved something with your blood, sweat and tears... I'm proud and I love you.. Thank you for giving us great music to listen to.. BTS forever~ +544 -15

5. Blood sweat and tears~ +467 -12

6. You guys made me buy an album after 20  years at my age... You guys are the best and congrats♥ Your album quality is peerless and it makes me feel bad for not buying them earlier... I used to look down on idols but you showed me a new world and I sometimes use all my energy searching you on Youtube but I still love you ㅎㅎ I can't find happiness in this messed up world but I'm smiling because of you... There are many fans who are old like me. I hope you continue to create masterpieces~~ +148 -6

7. Congrats~ It was nice to watch you guys working hard and I realized how much effort you all made when you shed tears. Congrats, congrats~~ +136 -5

8. My proud singer BTS. Let's fly higher. I love you and thank you and congrats! +135 -6

9. Congrats on winning the Daesang with your blood, sweat and tears~!! +120 -2

10. Congrats again ^-^ +129 -6

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