[Article] 161127 The moments when BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO rose as the trend of 2016

The groups which rose as the trend of this year's KPOP industry shined their existence than any other year. In the midst of restless comeback rush, the idols' heated competition on music charts made everything more intense and the music shows were filled with invisible intensity.

This year was a year for BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO and many other groups. Their starting points were different but the three teams successfully joined the ranks of the trend groups of 2016. 

We looked into the moments that made BTS, TWICE, and MAMAMOO rise as the trends of 2016

◆ BTS, "Blood Sweat & Tears", made it possible to enter Billboard

Since last year, BTS began to gain attention with their "HYYH" series and songs like "DOPE" and "I NEED U". In October, BTS entered the main chart of Billboard with "Blood Sweat & Tears". BTS achieved outstanding achievements this year in both Korea and overseas.

After releasing their second full album "WINGS" in October, BTS topped all major Korean music sites, achieved 6 wins on music shows and sold 680,000 copies in the month of October. The group set a new record for the highest selling album. 

BTS recorded highest ranking on the US Billboard 200 chart as Korean artist with their recent album by ranking at No.26 and they also topped Billboard World Album Chart, Billboard Digital Song Chart, won the first place on Japanese music store Tower Records total album weekly chart,  ranked No.1 on Chinese video site Yinyuetai V Chart, topped iTunes Chart in 97 countries and US Apple Music Chart. BTS began to grow rapidly since 2015 and they reached the peak in 2016.

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1. Seriously BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO really hit daebak this year. They're all amazing. +178 -5

2. BTS~♡ Love you  +136 -5

3. They're the groups I look forward to seeing in 2017~ +123 -3

4. BTS I love you and I will always support you. It doesn't matter what others say, you guys are the best!! +125 -5

5. You all worked hard this year! BTS, you guys were awesome this year... let's work hard again together in 2017... and I hope you will receive more love ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan let's walk forward together +49 -2

6. I'm an aunt BTS fan and I think all three groups are amazing, they achieved great results this year~ I support all the three groups ^^ especially our BTS~ I watched the video/DVD of 2015 HYYH concert and it was really, really amazing. I couldn't keep my mouth closed.... I never heard nor saw any idols singing live to live band session but they're the group who made it possible.. you are the best!! I'm really looking forward to 2016 concert DVD~ +50 -3

7. Our BTS has been running forward restlessly every year. You guys worked really hard and I'm so proud of you.. I'm so proud of BTS members who manage to work on their album despite their hectic schedule... Let's end this year well and fighting next year!! Fighting BTS! +44 -2

8. I think it will be perfect if we spend the next year with BTS ❤️ Love you.. +44 -2

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