[Article] 161130 Have you tried on the "BTS" padded jackets? I heard that they're all sold out!

PUMA, their popular winter jackets worn by model BTS 

Sold out. Out of stock.

With the beginning of the actual winter, "___ padded jackets" named after the celebrities are popular among consumers.

There are many things we consider when buying a padded jacket. Heat retention and the stylish design of the jacket. We need to carefully consider the materials used and functionality. But this year another factor is being considered by the buyers and this is the trending star marketing.

PUMA is receiving high popularity by using popular idol group BTS as their model. The 7 types of stylish yet functional winter jackets are available in different line like "premium" to "economy" lines. The prices vary and you can choose from different styles and performance. Down jacket which is the sporty downs, premium down jacket, and core down jackets are some of the styles.

(T/N: The rest of the article talks about the design and materials used for these jackets) 

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1. BTS is popular so their clothes must be popular too! BTS I love you★♥♥♥♥♥★ +39 -1

2. PUMA fighting! BTS fighting! +21 -0

3. hehe I got a BTS padding too! +14 -0

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