[Article] 161130 Still cuts of "Hwarang" revealed, sunshine maknae Kim Taehyung VS Mysterious Cho Yoonwoo

The first "Hwarang" still cuts of Kim Taehyung and Cho Yoonwoo were revealed.

The producers of new KBS Mon-Tue drama "Hwarang" which will premiere on 19th December revealed the still cuts of the sunshine like boy Hansung played by Kim Taehyung (BTS V) and the mysterious character Yeowool played by Cho Yoonwoo.

We will watch the stories of two characters with different personality, charms and family background joining "Hwarang" and their growth with different youths around them.

In the revealed photo, Kim Taehyung displayed the characteristics of Hansung, the twinkling eyes, and heartwarming visual. Hansung is the youngest member of Hwarang with the bright smile and refreshing charms of a young boy. The unexpected charm of sunshine maknae Hansung could be his curiosity that could turn the world upside down.

Even in real life, Kim Taehyung who is the youngest actor plays the youngest Hwarang character. This is also his first attempt in acting and he showed great passion and effort to play his character. It's been said that he was the perfect mood maker at the drama set with his cute and bright personality.

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1.  Kim Taehyung, let's do well as much as you worked hard for this♥ +382 -33

2. It must have been tough because they filmed this during their world tour but thank you for doing your best. Hwarang, let's hit daebak!!♥ +338 -25

3. I'm really looking forward. His smile is just like sunshine and watching him smile makes me happy +325 -25

4. I saw him at the broadcasting station and he was handsome!! honestly, I didn't know who he was so I searched online and his name was "V". This time he's in the drama! aha! ㅋㅋ +296 -23

5. Taehyung fighting!! +284 -25

6. Talented and cool BTS V- Taehyung. Hwarang daebak!! +129 -13

7. V Hansung, I support you~~ +115 -10

8. You worked hard filming in the hot weather ㅜㅜ I hope Hwarang does well! +111 -9

9. I think this drama will do well..!! Hansung, I support you!!!! +112 -12

10. This is the official debut work of actor Kim Taehyung who showed us short yet incredible moments in short film and music videos! I'm very looking forward because his real personality seems to fit the bright personality of his character. I support you. I'll watch the drama when it airs! +95 -7

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