[Comments] 161104 US Billboard selects BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" as a song you need for your Fall Playlist

(the article is the translation of Billboard's "20 Awesome Pop Songs You Need For Your Fall Playlist")

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1. They're more recognized overseas~~ this hurts my heart... You can't help falling in love with them if you watch their performance without a biased view... there are too many people who cover their ears and eyes because of their group name and other reasons... but now they appear on TV commercials too.. hope you guys succeed even more +320 -3

2. BTS is more recognized in other countries than in our own country~~ I hope you guys soon become the singer who will be recognized by all Koreans~~ +284 -4

3. I'm upset because I feel like they're underrated just because they're not from the big companies ㅜ BTS, cheer up and let's only walk on flower road~ ♡ +271 -3

4. BTS's class is indeed different. You guys worked hard, please stay healthy and let's continue rising higher!! +261 -4

5. As expected, BTS is amazing~~ +225 -2

6. They're generalized because they are an idol group but Billboard suggested their song without any prejudice against their name. I trust listening to your music. BTS's music +82 -0

7. The public is brainwashed by the big companies with typical idol songs so how could you expect them to really understand BTS's music? Billboard sees their true colors and evaluates them objectively  +79 -0

8. BTS is mentioned by Billboard but they're slandered so much in Korea ㅠㅠ I'm upset but I hope you will have better days in the future +76 -0

9. Am I Wrong is the perfect song for our current insane situation so I hope many people will listen to it. You will notice how beautiful their lyrics are when you listen to their album songs. It's quite hard to believe they were written by young boys because the lyrics are high quality and they're different from other groups. That is why I like them and I think that is why they are more recognized in other countries than Korea +74 -0

10. Naver, what are you doing without putting articles like this on the main page!! +73 -0

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