[Comments] 161111 [Hot Issue] BTS V's unique fan service spreads into a fandom war

(this is basically a negative article so I didn't translate the entire thing but these are the last paragraphs -_-)

"This incident was reignited because it's causing a war between the fandoms. While this incident was repeatedly mentioned, the arrows aimed a fan from another fandom who tweeted "He yanked her hair because she spoke informally to him" on her personal SNS. Her post received over 5000 retweets and when fans demanded her to post an apology letter, the minor fan who tweeted "yanked her hair" had to write her apology letter by hand.

However, their highly abusive slandering continued and the fan who apologized plead emotional injury and hinted she was going to sue them and this intensified the issue.

Meanwhile, BTS V was criticized in the past for his playful attitude on stage when they played the tribute video to Ladies' Code member Eunb."

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1. Have you ever watched the actual video of that photo before writing your article? When the fan was about to cry V told her "please don't cry" and was being playful to her. Would it be safe for me to consider you were busy trying to get more clicks that you decided to write the article without knowing the truth... +125 -3

2. The fact is that person who tweeted on SNS with malicious intent was a BTS anti ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ someone who slanders a celebrity stans another group +126 -4

3. I would really like to know the reason for posting such article. The artist and their fans went through enough malicious comments until now. I don't know how we should accept such slander  in the guise of the truth. Please stop this. We don't want to see the slandering posted by antis published in the form of articles. If you want to write a proper article, please don't try hard to write such provocative article. I hope you try to write accurate articles instead. I wish you would stop wounding the artist and their fans. +113 -2

4. THAT'S ENOUGH!!! You're trying to create bigger issues with this one incident!! The fan in the video said she's fine but why do you have to drag other incidents into this? ㅡㅡ he's a human being too, imagine how stressful he'd be!!!! Stop writing articles about this. I was so annoyed while reading through the article. +115  -5

5. I don't think V did that with bad intentions. He's a really simple person so I don't think he's aware that his friendliness can cause misunderstandings. He's a unique person. +101 -7

6. Dear Intern journalist. You might just type few lines of nonsense and post it online because you think you're a journalist and that's the end for you but I think you're ignoring the fact that your article can wound many people again. How are you different from the antis of BTS? Just reading your article made me realize that you could be one of the people who slander another person with the power of anonymity. +49 -1

7. You guys kept burying articles about Billboard but you're giving us a hard time by pulling articles like this onto the surface. This all ended well. Is the journalist an anti fan? Stop tackling the good artists. Your article is very biased. V's smile is innocent and of course what he did wasn't appropriate but he's not a bad person. We know this better than you, journalist so delete your article. +39 -1

8. Let's capture this article and send it to Bighit legal team. This is a suing material ^^ This is clearly an act of spreading falsehood. You twisted and distorted the facts but your last sentence made everything worse...  It looks like you're still an intern but don't you think you've put your own feelings too much for this article? +39 -1

9. I don't understand if this deserves so much hate... the fan said she's okay which means it's not a problem +39 -2

10. ㅋㅋㅋ we know how our fansign events are like and this only became a thing because fan from another fandom was hellbent to turn this into an issue ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ we're not a foolish fandom who can't tell the difference between being playful and abusive. Let me repeat, we know the situation way better than you ^^ If you had investigated about this matter so thoroughly, I'd like to know why you still wrote an article when the fan involved in this clearly said she's okay and that she doesn't want us to mention her again. ㅎㅎI'd like to know your intention for writing this article and the last sentense as well ^^ And the fan is a minor so what do you want us to? Do you think being a minor justifies one's action? +34 -1

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