[Event/Closed] I will help to translate your message to BTS!

A few days ago I tweeted that I would open a translation event when I reach 15,000 followers. (honestly, I didn't think I'd reach so fastㅠㅠ)

Explanation of this translation event!
- I will pick 10 random winners, your letter has to be 5 lines on MS Word
- I will help you translate your message to BTS (as to where you will send unfortunately I can't help you send your letter to BTS in Korea because I don't live in Korea :()
- Please leave any comment (only once) on this post (just a "." will be fine) I will use random.org to select 10 winners)
- This post will  be open til Friday 4th November 11:59PM (KST)
- I will reply to the winners and send you my email address!

EDIT 16/11/10

I will be translating all your messages! (Only for those who commented during the event period)
But please, please make sure they're only 5 lines long in MS Word. ㅠㅅㅠ
You can leave your message as a reply to your own comment or you can leave your email address and I'll email you!
I will try to translate at least 5 of your messages every day! (I will reply to your comment/email you) and I'll start from the first commenter!

Thank you for participating!♥

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