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[Announcement] This is our official statement regarding false statement and personal attacks against BTS

This is Bighit Entertainment.

We would like to announce that from November 10th 2016, we will take strong legal actions against online malicious rumors, false information, personal attacking posts, and comments, etc that will harm the reputation of BTS members.

BTS members have suffered for a long time due to the rumors and malicious comments and we, the company has decided to take firm actions against these behaviors. Bighit Entertainment and all members of BTS made a lot of effort to humbly accept every criticism and reviews with an open mind to grow and improve as an artist ever since their debut. However, some netizens continue to criticize and make personal attacks to the members by distorting BTS's production, music promotions including their private lives with malicious intention and from our judgment, we decided that these netizens' behaviors should not be overlooked.

If you refer to the recent court's decision on libel charges regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, the court sentenced imprisonment or severe punishments to the perpetrators. In order to protect the rights and interests of our artist, we, their company and the law firm have started the process of suing and reporting to take firm legal actions against malicious posts and comments, spreading false information with the intention to slander our artist or reporting false facts to medias. Furthermore, we will take all possible legal actions without settlements for defamation of our artist and any additional damages. 

Thank you.

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1. What kind of rumors did they spread?
ㄴ sajaegi, plagiarism, women related, sponsor, the list is endless

2. wow this is great! Congrats

3. Please do not settle with them and just sue all of them
Don't forgive them because they're young
Compile them into a group and sue them all
Bighit, thank you very much

4. Bighit is finally working ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

5. Let's see if you guys can say the same thing at the police station ^^

6. Bighit, let's only walk on suing and reporting road! Fighting!!!

7. Seriously I feel like I've just taken a bath for the first time in 613 years... refreshing... bighit I love you...

8. The haters were really harshㅋㅋㅋ you could tell from the trend they did on Twitter. They were hell-bent to ruin the group. I hope karma gets you 

9. Bighit is so cool~~~~~

10. I cried really hard after reading their announcement.
I felt awful and upset because there was nothing I could do for them when I read the slandering, curses, ridiculing comments which I had to doubt if they were written by human beings. But thank you, Bighit for preparing in silence. 
I hope they get punished for what they did. You are the ones who made them write lyrics "let's forget all" instead of "thank you" for our first fansong.

If you want to know how to save evidence in PDF format please refer to this post 

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