[Instiz] 161119 Guidelines of ARMYs and EXO Ls for end of the year award ceremonies

Bangtan Face Project

Bangtan Face Project for 2016 end of the year award ceremonies

Starting with today's Melon Music Awards, please show us the power of ARMYs at year end ceremonies

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BangFae (Bangtan Face) Project for 2016 end of the year award ceremonies

Bangtan, keep your head up high
Who does it like ARMY UH!

- Please take a black plastic bag (or plastic bag) with you and help to pick the trash around you after the event!
- Please do not stand up from your seat during the event! You should never move to another seat or to another fandom's seat
- When other artists' are performing on stage, please support with ARMY Bomb 2 (slow blinking mode). (No ten minute! Clap is a must!)
- When BTS comes on stage, please cheer for BTS passionately on behalf of the ARMYs who can't attend the event
- To make sure our official lightstick stays visible, please refrain from using supporting tools, other than ARMY Bomb.

ARMYs, we ask for your  cooperation.

EXO-L's guideline

EXO let's win Daesang

This is the guideline for EXO Ls who will attend Melon Music Awards

EXO L's behavior guideline

1. Please refrain from singing along other artists' songs or following their fan chant. Let's save our voices for EXO. Moderate applause and cheerings are enough to cheer them.

2. If our lightstick color matches/similar with/to another fandom please turn your lightstick off. This is a manner for both fandoms. And please save your battery for EXO. Also, please be aware of other possible fan chants for EXO.

3. When others tell you that you've invaded another fandom's area/seat, please strongly tell them that you can't move. Tell them that you have paid your money to attend the show and this is "suggested" seat for fans and you have the right to sit here because you have paid for it. If they want you to move, ask them to exchange tickets or tell them to pay you for the seat.

4. Occupy all possible seats at Gocheok Dome. Even if you will not be attending, please take part during ticketing and give the seats to EXO Ls who will be attending the event. Gwanggaeto L! (the great conqueror)

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Response +138

1. Even EXO Ls were embarrassed of that guideline.. 

2. I think EXO fans would be tired to deal with some of their own fans...

3. I think ARMYs are really nice ㅠ
ㄴ I agree. Their names are ARMYs but they're like friendly babies...

4. oh.. I wished you didn't drag ARMYs into this.. please curse at us for whatever we do ㅠㅠ
ㄴ it's the same for EXO ㅠㅠ
ㄴ I wish I could live in a peaceful world.. The hardships of Ls and ARMYs...

5. I think there are some people who enjoy trying to start a fight between the two fandoms...

6. BTS is the best! ARMY is the best!

7. The EXO lightstick starts melting when you turn it on for too long ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ we can't switch it on for a long time even if we want to ㅜㅜ

8. Seriously you can't turn it on for a long time...

9. ARMY, it's nice to see a mature fandom culture!

10. ARMYs are cool.. they're so lovely

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