[Instiz] 161122 Circumstantial evidence that prove BTS is the winner of "Album of the Year" @ Melon Music Awards

(T/N: The above conversation is the part 2 telephone conversation with Melon Call Center Agent) 

Let us summarize
This is the circumstantial evidence based on the official statement [feedback] of Melon that proves BTS is the winner of Album of the Year award.

1) According to the ranking, it seemed like BTS couldn't win the award so what happened?

MMA calculates the Album of the Year award according to the method on the right side. 
Digital sales 70% + Voting 30%
Melon stated the following regarding the 70% Digital sales-
They have their own usage tallying method for the awards which is different from the chart ranking available to its users. (they rely on internal data)

Plus, the different charts you see on the left have their own rate for streaming and downloading but they're calculated differently. In other words, they have their own method to add up the figures.

Real time chart is not Daily Chart and this doesn't equal to MMA

1-1) What is this "internal data" insisted by MMA?
This is the explanation of "internal data" by Melon.

"DATA" is the total usage record of every individual song. 

In other words, if they reveal this
- No only the fandoms, Melon will be revealing the usage of the public
- They will have to reveal the usage of other artists' songs who didn't ask for a feedback
- Traffic issues followed by revealing the big data

They said these were the reasons why they can't reveal it.

Big Data - collecting usual data but this data is enormous beyond our imagination and the size will need more than dozens of external hard disks.

2) So what did they not consider during their evaluation if their internal data is confidential?

First of all, the following is how MMA selects their winner for Album of the Year award.
Album award  = Most popular album (Digital 70% + voting 30%)

As we've said in 1), the ratio of download and streaming in the 70% of digital will always vary according to MMA's calculating method.

If we summarize the information we've learned from the call center agent,

although, the influence rate of digital sales and voting is 7:3, the influence rate of the digital score is only available to the MMA officials who have access to the internal data.

3. Does this mean BTS is leading digitally?

Yes, that's right. (all agents gave the same answer)

This is the summary of 1) and 2)

BTS's Young Forever album was No. 2 in MMA Album of the Year category during the voting but in the end, they won the 1st place due to leading digital usage. 

It's proved that BTS is the owner of the Album of the Year award, based solely on the information provided by Melon and not the biased information of fandoms.
Therefore we need to accept.

We'd like to prove to you again that BTS has won the Album of the Year Award.

-BTS Fans, All ARMY-

Q. What is external data?
There is no specific data that is labeled as external data but in simple language, it's the "public" data we can see. The public data we can see is only Melon Chart ranking. There's no way for us to know the ranking of the songs once they are "chart out" (below top 100) and there is no way for us to know the accurate number of times a song was streamed or downloaded. The data we see is a small section of the real data. The public figures or data that's compiled using various charts are simply "estimated figures". Only Loen will know the accurate figures.

Q. If so, what is this "internal" data mentioned by Melon?
A. It's the total data that has monthly, weekly, daily streaming and download scores, real-time chart, weekly chart, monthly chart, etc of the artists' (BTS and many other groups and solo singers) songs released during the year. Although the song might get "chart out", internally, Melon can check the ranking of the song that has been "chart out".

Q. Then is this the first time Melon used their internal data to select the winner of Melon Awards? Could this be true?
A. They've been doing this always and they will continue doing so... If they select winners based on the public data, that doesn't make sense and it's not even possible.

Q. Why can't they reveal the internal data?
A. It's not they "don't" reveal rather they "can't" reveal it. Internal data is literally the overall data of all songs released during the year. It's almost impossible to organize each individual song because the data is enormous. Even they (Melon) calculate using the final total to select the winners because the data is too enormous. Also, if they reveal the complete internal data, it basically means they're going to reveal their method of calculation, which will eventually lead to idol fandoms to stream and download according to this calculation method and this will change Melon Chart to Fandom Chart. Melon is a public music chart and not a chart solely for idols.

Q. How did BTS score higher than another idol group?
A. The artist doesn't get higher scores when they top the chart number of times. The  characteristics of idol fandom are- fans actively stream and download during the early days after the release of their idol's album and the figures significantly drop after their promotion. Due to this reason, when their promotion ends their songs get pushed down the chart and they usually "chart out". Also, the chart we see, Melon Chart 100 shows relative figures so when choosing the winners of Melon Music Awards, they (Melon) have to use absolute figures. In the competition between group A and group B, A wins with 90% against B who scored 80% and if group D wins by 100% against group C who scored 95%,  A is the winner and C is the loser but with absolute figures, C becomes the winner. In other words, when group A showed outstanding performance during their promotion period on the music chart and then remained badly on the music chart after their promotion, if group B continuously remained in the top positions on the music chart, group B will undoubtedly have higher absolute figures.  Also, Album of the Year award doesn't only consider 1 song in the album. They look at how all the songs in the album had been doing in the chart, if they had achieved good results and if they had stayed in the top rankings. They then sum up this data and award the winners so even group D is not the winner.

Reason why Melon can't!!!!!! reveal their internal data!!

1) Melon said the nominees for 2016 MMA Album of the Year award were selected based on the music usage between 2015 November 19th til 2016 October 20th and that 40% of streaming, 60% of downloads were considered for music usage, is there a way for Melon users to know how many times each song has been downloaded or streamed?
M > The number of times a song has been streamed/downloaded is a part of Melon's internal data, therefore you cannot check this on Melon website.

2) The person who handed the Album of the Year award at this year's MMA said "We also checked how long their album songs remained "chart in"." (top 100).  Also, the criteria for all 3 Daesang are the same which results in one winner for all three awards. If we consider this and other factors like how long their songs stayed in top 100, would it be safe for us to believe that calculations were done using different indexes or equations even if we assume both groups scored 70% as music score?
M> We cannot answer this question because this involves calculating the internal data of Melon.

I heard that MMA even counts the repackage albums when you don't consider the album sales but only count the digital sales. Is this true?
M> Sorry? Well... I think we will have to confirm this. (the caller asked if they could reply to her/him after confirming) No. We can check if repackage albums are considered for calculation but even if we do count them, counting repackage albums would also be a method used to tally Melon's internal data so we cannot reveal if we do count them or not.

4) BTS's HYYH Young Forever is a special album and also a repackage album of HYYH pt 2 which was released during the duration considered by 2016 MMA. But some claim "this is not a repackage album because Melon didn't mention this album as a repackage album on their site". Could Melon tell us the category of this album to prove if this is true? 
M> I think you should call another company to check the category of this album and not Melon. Melon does not classify the albums because the artist's company decides when they release their album. Melon does not categorize the albums when an album releases we register the album and the songs in the album.

5) I heard that Melon doesn't count songs played on single repeat. Is this true? And if this is true, what does it really mean by "not counting songs played on single repeat"?
M> Hold on, where is this rumor coming from? As for repeated streaming, there are many charts in Melon like Real-time 5 minute chart and each chart is calculated differently. It looks like this confusion started because of the different methods used to calculate the charts. Repeated streaming and etc will be reflected differently according to each Melon chart.

This post was written based on the answers given by many call center agents. Only one of them answered differently and we received a feedback that s/he had been punished for providing false information.

[Melon customer Center] Hello. This is Melon Customer Center. We confirmed the report you sent us. As you have already mentioned, our staffs have to answer to our customers from neutral position and we apologize for our call agent answering based on her/his own opinion. We will take actions against our staff. We're sorry.

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Response +1409

1. Doesn't this mean that according to their internal data, BTS has higher score?
ㄴ this is Melon's official answer
ㄴ right
ㄴ yeah that's what their call agents said
ㄴ I wonder why they still don't believe... (hand on my forehead)
 ㄴ because the call agents aren't Melon's employees. They're just trained to repeat the message.
   ㄴ but doesn't that mean that's the feedback from the higher people of Melon..? 8ㅅ8

2. well organized! well done kyaaa so clean

3. this is a post based on the information we got from Melon and if you really try to pick on us that just means you won't accept that we actually won the Daesang...
ㄴ so true
ㄴ this is real. this is the information provided by Melon
ㄴ this is the reciept I wanted. No official statements from fans from from Melon~ it's going to be weird if they still continue to argue 

4. I'm from another fandom. This means that there's a difference between the public data and their internal data, right? and that BTS scored higher in their internal data?
ㄴ yes!
 ㄴ ok now I understood! thanks and congrats to BTS on winning the Daesang!
  ㄴ thanks! ㅎㅎ

5. when I listened to the phone conversation, I was able to understand that BTS scored higher... (glances)
(about 23 people agreed to this comment- fans from other fandoms too)

6. I'm from another fandom but congrats! You guys worked hard. (claps)
ㄴ thank you~~~

7. If you refuse to believe when we bring facts... I really think it's not worth trying to convince you with feedbacks.

8. BTS, congrats on winning Daesang and I will take V with me
ㄴ caught you
ㄴ guardhouse

9. I'm a girl group fan and honestly I trust this evidence and I understand what you're trying to say... congrats
ㄴ thanks♡

10. I'm from another fandom but congrats ARMYs! I was so upset all this time when I read the posts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ㄴ thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. fact = BTS won the Daesang

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