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1. heol Taehyung heol
ㄴ am...I..going..to..kidnap? (commenter 1)
   ㄴ I...don't...think...so?
 ㄴ going...to...guardhouse?
 ㄴ you...want..to..get..hit?
 ㄴ no...concert...tickets?
 ㄴ sorry the seat has been taken. 
(T/N: The error message you get when you're buying concert ticket lol it's like cursing the person to not get any seats at future concerts)
 ㄴ Toto's...coming?
(T/N: I decided to check why Bang PD-nim's called Toto (sorry if you guys knew this already haha) but fans think he looks like Totoro)
 ㄴ gargling... with...chestnut burrs?
 ㄴ army...prison?
 ㄴ Toto..wife?
 ㄴ Gocheok...4th floor...seat in the last row?

2. my man...
ㄴ shhhhhh

3. A doll that was created with BTS V as its motive.jpg
A doll that was created with my husband as its motive.jpg
ㄴ go to the guardhouse
ㄴ live at the guardhouse

4. wow this is really well made... it gives me goosebumps... the doll looks just like him

5.  guys, let's try to learn the following equation at this right timing!

BTS V = husband of this comment
ㄴ what? let's go to guardhouse
ㄴdo you want to get beaten up...?

6. (sobs) Kim Taehyung is so handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I wish I could shout he's mine but I really want to get WINGS concert ticket so...

8. which one is the doll? I can't tell

9. heol it's pretty but scary too

10. omg even the mole on his nose...
 ㄴ wow I checked the photo again after reading your comment and the doll has a mole under the eye too!
  ㄴ heol....daebak

11. Taehyung's handsome and the doll is handsome too~ the person who made the doll is very talented~

12. ahhh he's so handsome

13. Last time I searched this doll online because I was curious and it was over 700,000 won (around $650~700) 껄껄 (looks at my purse) (cries)
ㄴ and it's out of stock and the seller said s/he has no plans on making more...

14. You can find it here but the seller's not selling any dolls right now http://www.distantmemory.net/dollphoto/3690

15. how much is that doll?
ㄴ that's really expensive... around 800,000 won ($750~800) (at least) only one head costs like 100,000 won...ㅎ...ㅜㅜ

16. I was scrolling down and V's visual suprised me more because he looks more handsome than the doll. But the doll's really well made... 

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