[Magazine] GQ Korea 2016 MEN OF THE YEAR #BTS

BTS set their goal for this year accurately and they achieved beyond their expectation.

We saw a pile of sneakers on the floor as we opened the heavy iron gate of the practice room for the photoshoot. BTS member V opened the iron gate while humming a song and Jungkook quickly followed behind. Other members entered with tall Rap Monster leading them. The practice room finally filled with liveliness.

 The members looked at the draft for about 5 seconds. In 2 seconds we noticed that they had planned the photoshoot inside their mind and the members posed as if they were dancing in front of the camera shutter that clicked every 0.5 seconds. When we handed a rose to every member, they played with the flower in their own unique style.

 The members left to walk on the red carpet at "2016 Asia Artist Award" after the busy photoshoot. After the sound of the last shutter, the members bowed and thanked the staffs before leaving the studio. Suddenly V walked back and quietly asked, "The rose looks pretty, could I take one with me?".

People who don't know BTS ask the people who know BTS, "Why are they so popular? Why are they receiving great responses from all over the world?". There are so many different answers given by the people who know BTS. Their company's communication skills acted as the ignition to expand their fandom, they're not the standard charactered group produced by big companies, they went on world tours ever since their early days of debut, they didn't try to promote only one member, instead they tried to always perform and promote as a whole group... Intentional or not, they could have used these strategies to help BTS stand tall where they are today. However, when I listened to their second full album <WINGS> which released in October, I realized that these many reasons weren't necessary. BTS is clear. They don't twist or paint over their great music or performances, instead, they convey their message in a very simple and clear way. This is strong and this makes them refreshing but not difficult to understand and they're cool and not desperate. Their moombahton genre title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" displayed their confidence of easily attracting the public to their  territory. The seven members boastfully danced on the stage. They exploded the energy as if they couldn't control it. This album debuted at No.26 on "Billboard 200", which is the highest charting record achieved by Korean artist. Furthermore, they repeatedly sing the line "Dream, hope, step forward, step forward" in BTS's "Epilogue: young forever" from their album <HYYH Young Forever> which released on May. Some might say they sound "naive" but they talked about youth in the most simplest and easiest form. That's the color and the secret of BTS. Maybe this might be the reason but BTS even has many younger fans. They're followed by the label- "President of Elementary Students" which began because of a survey but you can't say that BTS targets a limited age group. BTS's definite message's target is clear and wide. 2016 of BTS was vast and deep.

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