[Misc] 161112 Fan meeting Day 1 - Part 1

(After their "2, 3" stage)

Jimin: I think it was much more delightful to perform this wonderful song together with our ARMYs.

Yoongi: During the prelude of the song, I felt like I was going to cry.

Jungkook: I choked too.

Namjoon: I think it was really amazing.

Yoongi: I'd like to thank you all sincerely.

J Hope: We really, we- BTS, we really trust our ARMYs. We love you all!

Namjoon: We thought "2, 3" is the most- since we say this when we introduce ourselves, we thought "2, 3" really expresses BTS and ARMYs, that is why we chose it.

Namjoon: Originally the title was "1, 2, 3" but we thought "2, 3" felt more like our own unique word/language and that is why we chose the title "2, 3".

Namjoon: We want to thank you all again for singing along with us. Thank you.

(Members shared their thoughts on performing at the Gocheok Dome)

Seokjin:  I, the eldest hyung will begin! We got to stand on this amazing venue and I'm not sure what I should be saying but this is our fanmeeting, isn't it?

Seokjin:  Because we have ARMYs here with us, it's quite awkward to say this but I think my aegyo is increasing~

Seokjin: Anyhow! I think my life turned happier because of you guys and I'm not sure if you guys know this saying but they say there are 3 important "geum" (geum = gold)

Seokjin: The first "geum" is "hwang-geum" (gold)

Seokjin: Second is "so-geum" (salt)

Seokjin: and the third is this "golden" moment I get to spend with you all!

(T/N: the last "geum" is "jigeum" which means "right now" so I tried translating that as "golden moment")

Seokjin: This is my happiest and the most precious moment. ARMYs, I love you!

Yoongi:  Firstly, the fact that this large venue is filled with only ARMYs and us- this really moves me and I want to thank you guys again.

Yoongi: I think I'm able to achieve the things I've always wanted to achieve in my life after meeting our ARMYs.

Yoongi: It really feels like a dream.

Yoongi: I really think I was lucky to meet you guys. Thanks to all of you, I'm able to achieve my dreams and I can continue to dream more dreams. I want to thank you all. Thank you  very, very much.

Yoongi: I thought "no way". Ever since we debuted, I thought it wasn't going to be possible. But we were able to achieve the impossible goals, 1, 2 goals and then 2, 3 goals! Thank you very much for making it possible.

Yoongi: All we can do for you  is to continue producing better music, and performances as BTS.

Yoongi: We're able to continue dreaming every day because of you. Thank you.

Hoseok: Do you remember our first MUSTER? It feels like yesterday but we're already standing here!

Hoseok: This is literally a meeting with our fans, isn't it? So It feels like we're interacting with you guys differently compared to our concerts.

Hoseok: I think that helps us to realize how special our ARMYs are. As a KPOP group, we're really proud and happy to fill this venue with one heart and one intention.

Hoseok: I wonder if there would be any person who is happier than me! I think that person could only be our ARMYs! Guys, are you happy?


Hoseok: Guys, now please go and boast that you're a fan of BTS! Now you guys can really show off that you're a fan of BTS! I'm so proud! I'm really grateful to all of you for supporting us and enjoying our performance with us.

Hoseok: "We trust each other so 2, 3!" I trust you guys. We trust you guys so ARMYs, all you have to do is to trust us. I love you!

Taehyung: Thank you for making it possible for us to perform at Gocheok Dome. And today, I'm going to try talking about myself.

Taehyung: Recently, fans asked me...

Taehyung: "Taehyung, is something troubling you?" or  told me,  "I think you're having a hard time...". I've been asked similar questions many times. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't really tell.

Taehyung: So I would like to talk about myself at Gocheok Dome to our fans. My grandmother passed away recently.

Taehyung: My grandmother passed away on September 3rd when we were in the Philippines and that's when I received the message too. My grandmother was like my parents, she raised me for 14 years and she always allowed me to do what I want, and eat what I wanted to have. And my grandmother loved me even when I was acting like a spoiled child. She remains in my memories and she's a special person to other people too. She was a very special person. I couldn't believe when they told me that my grandmother passed away.

Taehyung: So when we won our very first first place on Music Bank, that day was the 49th day after her death. That is why I told a message to my grandmother for the first time.

Taehyung: My grandmother used to say, "I wish I could see Taehyung on TV" and my wish was to do an event for my grandmother and send a message to her when we win the first place. But the timing didn't work well... This really made me sad.

Taehyung: But my very special grandmother told me, "You should sincerely love your fans", that's what my grandmother told me.

Taehyung: We were able to enter Gocheok Dome and gain more attention with "Blood Sweat & Tears" thanks to our ARMYs but I also believe that my grandmother supported and cheered me a lot from above. I will keep this in mind and work harder so our ARMYs who we love the most, I hope you could all remember my grandmother who I loved very dearly. Thank you!

Translated by PEACHISODA
Take out with full credits!

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