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EXO Ls replied to the tweet I tweeted yesterday regarding Melon Player Album Chart, which was unexpected so I will re-write the post again.

Immediately after the Melon voting began, 방탄이모단 raised questions on why "FIRE" album (Young Forever) was nominated instead of "WINGS" and why "WINGS" was excluded. Many ARMYs contacted Melon to ask them how they decide the albums for evaluation (this was different according to every category) and other information.

As for the Album of the Year award, Melon replied they only counted albums which were released from 2015 November 19th to 2016 November 3rd. This meant BTS's HYYH pt 2 (Run), HYYH Young Forever (FIRE), WINGS (BST) were used for the evaluation whereas for EXO it was Sing for you, ex'act and Lotto.

However, if an artist releases too many albums in a year (eg: 3 albums), they said they won't count all digital sales but focus on each individual album.

Therefore, the artist doesn't have one total record, instead, it's 3 records. (record for each album) 

If so, you might be wondering if they will only consider the best record and discard the other two. That is not true. The reason why they can't discard the other results is because albums released during the second half of the year stay on the chart for a shorter period compared to album released during the first half of the year so the second half of the year album could get buried which is unfair. This means they will consider the digital sale for each album.

This was what we knew before the actual ceremony and we're not sure about the other details considered by Melon.

To understand if BTS really didn't deserve "Best Album of the Year" award, I looked into all Melon Album Charts, which reflects the songs in the album, from November 19th 2015 to November 3rd (according to the period considered by Melon for selecting Album of The Year award) .

According to the following Excel file, you can tell which album stayed on the chart for a longer period when you consider all their 3 albums or as EXO L-nims argued, even when we compare "FIRE" album and "Ex'act".  Don't you think there's a possibility that the digital sale achieved by ARMYs who streamed constantly streamed has higher chances  compared to  EXO L-nims who streamed full force for a short time ?

I will immediately block EXO Lnims who quote me or mention me. I hope you will find the answer that will satisfy you from Melon.

(The figures in the Excel chart represent the album chart ranking.)
(eg: 15년 11월 3주 = 2015 November 3rd week)
(from left to right)
(HYYH Pt 2, HYYH Young Forever, WINGS)

 차트아웃기간 = chart out period 
(BTS = 4 weeks | EXO = 10 weeks)

Take out with full credits!

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