[Misc] 161122 Melon Music Award Telephone Conversation #2

(T/N: CCA = call center agent)

fan: It's regarding the Melon Music Awards.
CCA: Yes.
fan: I've seen other phone conversations and it seems like you (Melon) have your internal data.
CCA: Yes, that's the digital sales score.
CCA: Internal Data is the overall data collected from 2015 Nov 19th til 2016 Nov 18th. And the charts you've seen, those are just one of the many sides of the real-time chart.
CCA: The Internal Data referred by Melon is the total data collected during 1 year period. This includes real-time, weekly, monthly and the day to day album sales, etc. It's the total score.
fan: But if the artist didn't release any album during that one year period, it won't be counted, right?
CCA: That's right.
fan: We have calculated our own score for this award so what you're saying is that the data we see is absolutely different compared to the data considered by Melon?
CCA: No, we're looking at the same data. But the chart you've seen and the real-time- the data you've seen is what you see immediately after the artist release their album, right?
fan: I don't think that's right.
CCA: I think it's difficult for you to see the total data figure because that data is only available to Loen. I'm not sure how you've calculated the score/charts but whatever you've calculated is the scores from the chart.
CCA: But this is not the chart, we look at the data of- you know the number of times listened by the general public and not how many times their fans buy or stream the artist's songs. It's the overall digital score.
fan: Then you mean you won't reveal that data?
CCA: It's a fair internal data so it's not that we won't reveal the data. We can't reveal the data.
fan: Is there a reason why you can't reveal this data?
CCA: I think you are suspecting internal fabrication but as far as I can tell you, there is no corruption.
CCA: You can understand that BTS won the award because their songs were streamed more compared to EXO's during the one year period.
fan: You should convince us that this is true, firstly, the people who voted for this awards didn't vote for free, didn't we?
fan: They said we can vote 3 times by purchasing streaming passes and you (Melon) made us pay for them but if you refuse to reveal the (internal) data-
CCA: It's not that we refuse to reveal the data, please listen to me.
CCA: After EXO released their album, there were instances when their songs topped the charts immediately.
fan: I'm not considering those immediate moments when they top the chart- I mean, it's hard for the fans to understand this situation so as a customer who voted and used your service. You need to convince us to stop the fans from talking about this situation.
CCA: No. I tried to explain and convince you about this situation but you're the one that's not understanding.
CCA: As I've told you, during the 1 year BTS scored higher but you want to see the data related to this, am I right?
fan: Yes.
CCA: As for that, this data is the sum of all internal data so it's not that we refuse to reveal it, we just can't reveal this because it's our internal data.
fan: Why can't you reveal this?
CCA: It's I-N-T-E-R-N-A-L D-A-TA. I.N.T.E.R.N.A.L.
fan: What's the difference? Why can't you reveal this internal data?
fan: If this data has been organized, you can reveal it to us, right?
CCA: No, this isn't about being organized. It's enormous- this data includes every artist not only EXO, data that was collected during the course of 1 year, isn't that right?
fan: Yes. Go on.
CCA: So it's quite impossible for us to organize it individually. We award the artist according to the total score.
fan: Ok.
CCA: And BTS scored higher.
fan: Alright.
CCA: Thank you. This was Melon Customer Care, ***.

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