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<Inquiry conversation>

I will take down the recordings if it becomes a problem~

Award criteria: Digital 70 Vote 30. In 70 of digital, 40% is streaming and 60% is downloading. Streaming: This doesn't exclude repeated streamings, it's the total streaming during one year.

Q-1. If so, the current Weekly Album Chart is a system which excludes repeated streaming when they announce the chart every week. Does this mean that it's meaningless to use the rankings from this chart to evaluate the results of different artists?

A-1. Yes. That's right.

Q-2. EXO's album title song "Monster" was placed in the "Hall of Fame" because of it's 1.5 million user record while BTS's title track "FIRE" wasn't able to enter the "Hall of Fame", this is causing the issue as well. But what you're saying is that all songs from the album are considered for "Album of the Year" award and you look at the total figure which means Monster, despite its many numbers of users doesn't really matter when evaluating the winner for the award? Since one user can stream an album number of times?

A-2. Yes. That's also right.

Q-3. Also, EXO's songs from their album scored higher on Daily Chart and Weekly chart but this is again meaningless because these charts don't exclude the repeated streamings, they represent the total number of streaming, right? Because Daily Chart and Weekly Chart exclude the number of repeated users.

A-3. Yes. That's correct.

Q-4. And the number of entry users and users who listen/download the title song the (first) 24 hour are irrelevant because literally, the entry users equal to the users who stream during the 24 hour period, right?

Q-4. Yes!!

Q-5. In the end, EXO secures higher position on the chart because they have more number of users who listen/download their songs every moment and also because they had a higher number of users listening/downloading their title track, which resulted in entering the "Hall of Fame". However, when you look at the overall figure, BTS maintained a constant amount of streaming, right?

A-5. Yes. You understand it very well. BTS rightfully won the award according to MMA's standard.

[He said I have understood it very accurately ^ㅁ^ Melon did not ! not even once! revealed the number of streaming and downloads. Gaon Chart excludes repeated streaming and they combine many different charts and he said it's not right to refer to those charts]

+For instance, if there is a data that has the information of the songs listened by one million users, it's correct to use that data to sum up the results for the chart and the award but the way  "Melon Charts" are calculated is different from the way "MMA results" are calculated. He said if they award winners based on the rankings they've achieved on the charts, it would be a "Chart awarding ceremony" and not "MMA ceremony".

Conclusion: EXO ranked higher on the charts because they had more number of users every time (they release an album) and their title track "Monster" reached 1.5 million users so it entered the "Hall of Fame" but when you look at the overall score, BTS's songs were streamed more constantly which resulted in higher score! so according to! MMA's standard! BTS! is! the! rightful! owner!!

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