[Misc] 161124 Reply from online civil complaint center (for Seoul)

File no: _______

Hello. Thank you for showing interest and love for our government.
We will inform you the result of your civil complaint.

Location of civil complaint (address): Gurogu Gocheok Sky Dome
Detail of civil complaint: Request to investigate the injustice regarding the result of Melon Music Award ceremony. 

Result of your civil complaint:
"2016 Melon Music Awards" is a private event hosted by private enterprises Loen Entertainment, MBC Plus and supervised by M Storm.

On May, Seoul City approved them to use the title Seoul City because to our judgment, this event was going to help attract tourists. Using the title of "Seoul City" means they can use the title when they're promoting their event, etc. This does not mean that Seoul City has the right to get involved in selecting the winners, hosting the event or setting the criteria for the awards. 

Therefore, we hope you will understand that Seoul City cannot help you to solve your request and we'd be grateful if you would contact Melon (Melon Customer Care: 1566-****) regarding this issue.

We hope you will continue to show interest to our government and thank you for your valuable suggestion.

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