[PANN] 161101 Hello. This is Starlight.

(T/N: You'll understand why they apologized suddenly by reading this)

Hello. This is Starlight from Fantalk board.

First of all, before I start the letter I would like to state that this is an official feedback which reflects the opinion of VIXX Fantalk Starlights.

Our purpose for writing this post is to apologize to BTS and ARMYs who were affected by the malicious rumor that was tweeted in real time on Twitter, under the pretext of asking feedback regarding plagiarism last May.

Firstly, we sincerely apologize to BTS and ARMYs who would have been hurt by this mentioned incident until today. We understand  how painful it is to be ridiculed and criticized without any evidence, both to the artist and their fans because we are fans too. We are also embarrassed for being a part of this incident. We apologize again. We're sorry.

We are also very sorry for posting the feedback only now when we were aware of this shameful incident which happened 6 months ago.

However, if you give us the chance to explain this incident, VIXX fantalk members on PANN agreed to not join forces with the plagiarism accusation relating to VIXX and BTS. During that time,  a post which suggested us to join this mass trending on Twitter was posted on our fantalk board but we expressed our intention to not join them and we also requested the OP to delete this post and the post was deleted immediately.

Yet, we do admit that we didn't share any official feedback and this was because we did not feel responsible for what Starlights from other sites did, although we all belong to the same fandom.  We sincerely apologize for our selfish response.

We believed it was best for you to receive an apology from the people who took part in this incident but since this happened on SNS, we know it's going to be difficult. Although time has passed, we decided that someone who is aware of this incident should take responsible for this case and that is why we wrote this long post.

We do not think that this letter will cover up this incident completely. Also, we will not continue to act like nothing had happened just because we apologized to you. As Starlights who belong to the same fandom, we will continue to reflect on our behavior and we will share the equal responsibility and if we see any Starlights making hurtful remarks, we will do our best to fix the problem.

As fans who belong under the title Starlight, as fans who support an artist, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts. It's going to be difficult but we will do our best to create healthy and mature fandom culture. We hope the ARMYs who were wounded because of this incident would heal a little by reading this post.

We (Starlights on PANN fantalk) had to combine our opinions and also understand what had happened back then so that is why our feedback was posted very late. We hope you understand.  Lastly, before we end the letter we'd like to express that we feel very responsible for this incident. Thank you for reading our long post.

-All Fantalk Starlights

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+) ARMYs and Starlights are surely going to suffer because of Attention Seekers and Fan Cosplayers but let's try to handle this problem well♡ VIXX, congrats on your comeback♡ +175 -5

2. I'm sure you guys would have felt flustered because this matter became an issue all of a sudden and there were very many angry comments but thank you very much for being the first fandom to feedback and post a letter of apology to us. We do not have any hard feelings to fantalk Starlights anymore and let's continue to work hard to never get angry ♡♡  Thank you +145 -5

3. I hope we could all work hard together to avoid problems like this in the future. Thank you for the apology letter. +131 -5

4. Heol did we just receive an apology letter????? I can't believe this tho????? heol +64 -1

5. wow I'm from another fandom and this made me tear up... unlike other fandoms who said they won't post an apology letter, you guys were the first to post this and I tell you guys are really nice... VIXX congrats on your comeback +61 -3

6. But we can't really hate each other because of JinKenDeul's friendship... I hope to read apology letters from other fandoms too. I wonder where they are. Starlights, although it's late thank you for the letter. +53 -1

7. I thought at least one fandom would post this and as expected it was Starlights. Thank you. +47 -2

8. This is ARMY. Starlights, you guys worked hard ㅠㅠ thank you and we understand how frustrating and upsetting it is to apologize for something you never did just because you belong to the same fandom. But Starlights, thank you for posting the apology letter. We will support VIXX too and I hope we won't have to apologize to each other in the future ㅠㅠ thank you for being the first fandom to post an apology letter. +47 -2

9. Hello. This is Starlight. Firstly, we are sorry for posting an apology letter only now. Your artist has been labeled already and they must be aware of this incident so I believe that you guys have every right to not accept our apology. We will act with care. Sorry. +40 -0

10. Honestly, not many Starlights took part in this. Where are the others? +37 -0

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