[PANN] 161103 Trainee plagiarized J Hope's WINGS Intro choreography

I'm just reposting the writing of BTS J Hope's fansite master Hope Plus.

Hoseok = J Hope

- This is a video posted by a trainee in China. Although it's very obvious that he copied Hoseok's intro choreography, he claims it belongs to him and even his company argues that this belongs to him.

Chinese ARMYs requested apology from the trainee's company but they shamelessly insists that this choreography belongs to them and the fans of this Chinese trainees are critizing Chinese ARMYs.

Video of J Hope's intro: https://youtu.be/iJJSh-eEdRk

I'm not good at googling stuff but can someone please give me the link to that Chinese trainee's video and tell me which company he's from?

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Response +205 -0

1. J Hope has this flowy~~ smooth feeling in his moves but that Chinese trainee looks like he's splatting on the floor +70 -0

2. but he's not even a good dancer... they should have at least got a trainee who is a good dancer to copy this... I mean it's wrong to copy someone's dance but still... +55 -3

3. He's from tf entertainment in China. I don't know his name in Korean but in English it's huang yu hang. But if he plagaised the choreography, he's really shameless.. he even covered BTS's Baebsae. +48 -0

4. I heard this choreography was created by a foreign choreographer for J Hope so shouldn't someone inform the choreographer first? +25 -0

5. but it's so funny because he's such a bad dancer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ +26 -0

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