[PANN] 161106 Eppis please read this!! You can vote many times on China MAMA site!


When you click on the link, you get to vote for MAMA from Chinese site and you don't need to login! You can vote many times!
I'm not sure how many times we can vote per day but I will edit the post tomorrow!
You don't have to register and it's really easy so let's do this!!
You have to scroll down a bit to vote!!

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1.  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ it's hard to vote on Korean site too
ㄴ but you don't have to make id over here so... let's cheer up

2. five times? I think you can vote 5 times! after that you get some message with vip something
ㄴyes yes you're right

3. Will they combine this with the result on Korean site??? Is this the same thing or a different thing???
ㄴ I'm not OP but I think they will combine the results! Even Chinese fans vote for MAMA so I think they will add all the votes later...? I think they'll add them all up!! It looks like it's the same thing written in Chinese!

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