[PANN] 161107 Hey, you guys keep making issue with V and other idols play with their fans, right?

If they don't be playful with them, idols can only treat their fans like it's some sort of business

Fansign event is the only place idols who always perform on stages can interact and talk with their fans face to face.

It's normal for singers and fans to talk about insignificant things and then joke together at fansign events

Singers listen to the student fans talking about their studies, working fans tell them what they usually do at work and the singers also listen to their concerns and cheer them  up

They joke and play together in comfortable surrounding so why do you guys have to twist the situation?

You can't stand to enjoy watching the singers joking with their fans in real life even when you guys write up fanfics?

I think you guys are slandering more because it's V and you guys are trying to turn this into a bigger issue

Please, I hope fans from other fandoms stop commenting on the behaviors of fans and their singers at the fansign event.

I'm scared to see both girl and boy idols hesitating and faking themselves at their future fansign events after reading about your moronic behaviors. 

ARMYs took care of this situation very well so it all ended well but

If ARMYs didn't clarify this situation, this can surely be one of the many things haters mention and talk about every day

Please stop slandering idols on PANN

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1. I wish they will just care about their own fandom ㅋㅋ We will worry about our own fandom members and we will leave the fandom on our own if we want to, that's our call so we will take care of our own business you f***ing nosy people ㅎ but it's too bad, isn't it? no matter how much you roast us, we have no problem in our facts~♡ +25 -1

I'm the person in the video that's going viral right now. First of all, I've been a BTS fan for a long time so I have seen Taehyung oppa many times and we are close to play jokes. I think he was being more playful that day because I was able to attend the fansign event after a very long time. I would like to state that "Grabbing my hair" is not the correct expression. Grabbing someone's hair means to pull someone's hair forcefully until it hurts the person but in reality, he just lifted my hair up and I didn't look down because he was hurting me. I think I was either embarrassed or I was afraid my face would show in the photos. So please stop cursing at Taehyung oppa and stop pulling his hair into your thoughtless issue.

2. I mean why are you guys so angry about our fansign event too? He really cares about ARMYs so we call him Kim. Affection and he's also like our boyfriend at fansign events. Stop trying to pretend like a feminist and say he's violent and ruin the true image of feminism. Please study before you speak. +20 -0

-Good words to ARMYs for 2016-
My new year wish will come true if our ARMYs become happy instead of me!!!

3. I honestly don't get how some of you want the idols to behave at fansigns... If they are cold, you'll say they're being rude and when they treat their fans like friends you say they're exaggerating. What do you want them to do?? +14 -0

4. this is so true... please leave our boys alone...please +7 -0

5. The fan in the video said he didn't pull her hair so why are they fussing ㅋㅋ +5 -0

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