[PANN] 161108 Eppis who find this situation difficult, please read this

This is Rap Mon. We, BTS and ARMYs did well until now, didn't we?  I know that there are too many rumors floating around right now but let's filter them and continue doing our best~ We're thankful to you again and we will work harder! Goodnight everyone

Ever since I started music, I've never played with music nor do I plan on playing with it. I mean I didn't start music so easily (chuckles) trust in me and follow me. I will present you guys with enough good music 

Not everyone could like us or myself but we persistently ran forward while clenching our teeth in order to even make those people like us so we need to go up higher, to the point where they can't reach us even when they extend their arms.

Let's just stay together for a long, long time without tiring ourselves. We're not going to be tired in the next 10 or 20 years

Thank you for being a fan to me and us. I am your fan too. I am the silent fan who supports you through your loneliness and struggles in your life. Behind the stage, or in the work room, I write my fan letter to you with the musical notes. And I hope you read those notes which express how I miss you.

I convey my thoughts again through this unsatisfactory words
I will be grateful for every moment in my life because I'm not a perfect human being
I love you, ARMY

I heard our ARMYs were worried about me?? 

awwww, our Eppis~♥

Our boys think and care about us this much

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Response +69 -3

1. I'm never swayed by this issue but I'm just worried about BTS.. +19 -0

2. Honestly, I'm worried about our boys than us. I always think of protecting our boys stronger when things like this breakout, I was never swayed. I'm too heavy to be swayed anywaynㅋㅋ +7 -0

3. It's seriously weird to be swayed by such issue.... why would we be swayed when we have people like BTS +7 -0

4. What do you mean by swayed ㅋ We went through worse too. I came here with my eyes fixed on our boys. I will never be swayed and I will never give up +6 -0

5. Will the boys know? That we become stronger and tighter when things like this happen? ㅋ +6 -0

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