[PANN] 161109 Truth behind BTS V's fansign event video

I will erase the fan involved in this matter

At the beginning of the video, you see V and the fan talking together then he's surprised by what she tells him and he replies to her while cupping her face with his hands
(edit) I can't hear the audio properly because the venue's really noisy but someone commented that she think he told her "don't cry". He held her face and told her to stop crying

after telling her "don't cry~", he lifted her hair up but you can tell from his hands. He lifted her hair gently with both hands and later he holds her hair with one hand then sways her hair while holding the tip of her hair. When you watch the video it's obvious that he's not grabbing her hair to hurt her. As a woman, you will know this, her hair wasn't pulled up tightly. You can see her hair hanging down like a curtain. And the fans near the camera that was recording this video all laughed and said it was cute. Fans knew he was just joking. It's a fact that people on Twitter are being more sensitive about this, unlike the fans who were there at the venue and who knew he was just playing with her hair. Anyway, he told her not to cry and played with her hair and I think the fan answered to him informally. This made V lift her hair up again and sway it side to side asking her why she was speaking informally to him and he let her hair go immediately.

And I saw other posts saying that his members tried to stop him too but in reality, after V stopped playing with her hair, Seokjin who just finished autographing looks at V and says "Stupid~ don't make her cry~" anyway Seokjin was joking too. Even Jimin turned to look at them when he heard Jin calling V "stupid". Anyway, V's arms were already down when Jin touched V with his hand. But they just captured this part maliciously so rumor began to spread saying that Seokjin had pulled V's hand.

And the fan was trying to tidy her hair, and V helps her too and pats her head. The fan also stated this but she didn't put her head down because she was hurt. She said she put her head down because she was embarrassed. Another rumor started to spread when they saw this, saying she had her head down because he yanked her hair 

He kept looking at the fan and talked to her even when she moved in front of Seokjin and the fan was nodding her head. +) it looks like he was telling her not to cry again

And when the fan called Seokjin "Seokjin oppa", V who was still looking at her started to complain that she didn't call him oppa

And this is the final cut of the video, he says "but to me, you said (sighs)~" and smiled while looking at her

This is the story of V's fansign event video

I don't know what the members were talking about accurately because it's really loud but I wrote down whatever I could hear and I heard "don't cry", "oppa", and "informally" 
(it's long but please read my post)

Now this anti captured these cuts with malicious intents (she says her friend sent them to her) and tweeted saying "yanked her lock of hair" without watching the entire video and in a very short time, her tweet went viral. Her tweet basically turned him into a trash when he's not a person like that. I know that she's not the first person to spread this but the person who uploaded this video explained the situation so it wasn't a problem. However, this anti excluded the true story and without knowing why he lifted her hair up and tweeted

"ah, seriously I'm getting goosebumps. This is just chilling. This sort of person media played saying he looked like one of my boys."

"even the fan herself asked him to stop and tried to stop with her hands but he didn't let go of her hair until his member stopped him"

"He yanked a lock of her hair just because she spoke informally to him"

"V yanked a lock of her hair just because the fan spoke informally to him"

But in the actual video, he didn't pull her hair because she spoke informally. He was just being playful to the fan who was crying and he stopped before Seokjin stopped him. The fan didn't try to stop him with her hands. She put her head down with her hands on her head because she was embarrassed. 

When fans asked her to delete her tweet she said her classes started at 7am so she was only able to check her account around 9am. But she got caught lying because she had tweeted a little after 7am and when people asked her to post apology letter, she posted it on notepad. Until then, no one knew if she was a middle or high school student or how old she was. But the issue was becoming bigger and bigger and some angry ARMYs (fansite masters) asked her to write her apology letter by hand.

(wait) Now some of you said it was too harsh for ARMYs to ask her to write the apology letter by hand. But I've seen many other fandoms asking for handwritten apology letters before.

Anyway, her written letter was identical to the one she typed on notepad and she posted it. But ARMYs were attacked instead for being too harsh to a young kid. Rumors like "she's a middle school student" started to go around but later we found out that she is the first year in high school and the antis who were waiting for the opportunity hopped in and said 1st year high school students are children and started scolding ARMYs. They said how can a young child endure such harsh words. (They started arguing that it's okay for a celebrity to receive hateful mentions on twitter due to one person's thoughtless words but said it was wrong for an ordinary person to receive such hate. Due to this issue, the celebrity received countless, unimaginable amount of direct mentions that accused him of dating violence, domestic violence, misogyny, etc.) 

When people started backing her up, the person who posted apology letter changed her attitude all of a sudden and said she will create PDF files to take legal actions against people who cursed at her.

But the problem is this. This same person had tweeted many tweets that slandered BTS but in her apology letter, she clarified that her account was created for "her fangirling purposes" and that she "didn't mean to slander them" but she got caught slandering BTS and other artists as well. But she's still cosplaying as the victim so people who don't really understand the current situation think that it's just ARMYs screeching. This is a ridiculous situation.

Honestly, won't you be frustrated if this happened to your fandom? They're bringing back the old issues which were clarified already by the fans to attack BTS again. They even trend keywords on Twitter and attack other fans while pretending to be ARMYs.

Their fan meeting event is around the around and I'm so angry to think that V, who was so friendly and playful to fans at places like fansign events might no longer be playful to us. It's really had as a fan to watch the 3rd party arguing if he's wrong or right when you're not even a fan and slander him blindly. And none of us can be sure if a twitter user is a real ARMY or if they're just pretending to be one of us. This situation is really frustrating.

I'm posting this because I just wish people will understand the situation properly.
Thanks for reading.

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Response +509 -32

1. Fans aren't just angry because people criticize Taehyung's action and call him disrespectful, thoughtless. We're angry because of the terms they used like misogyny, dating violence,  and wife who gets beaten to describe ARMYs. They even compared this situation to his character, family background and even rape. They abused us with excessive violent language and made us look like a group of gangers. For being hypocrites, they say what Taehyung and ARMY did are wrong but they believe their actions are harmless. The antis even sent mentions and trended keyword to remind us of May which was a nightmare to us. Some immature ARMYs were mean to the anti (who posted the tweet) but I don't know why you think that's different from what you guys did to the fan in the video when she posted a clarifying post. (of course, I'm aware of our mistake) Lastly, I have a question to those of you who insist Taehyung abused the fan. Can you confidently say that what you're doing to Taehyung right now is not a violent? Also, if you're just trying to criticize about this video, I have no idea why you have to bring up the older issues again. +158 -0

2. Watching V talk with his fan makes my heart f***ing flutter ㅋㅋ큨쿠 they feel different from my idol.. anyway thanks for the explanation... I wanted to know the true story behind this and... wow they distorted many facts ㅋㅋ I wish this post becomes one of the top posts! +125 -1

3. The whole situation is so heart fluttering... I did doubt my eyes when I saw the gif but V-nim had many fansign event boyfriend like gifs on PANN posts... +125 -0

4. They say we attacked her because she's young and vulnerable but we didn't know her age until she wrote her apology letter. +25 -0

5. He's really caring +27 -0

6. are you guys going to let this go without getting an apology from that f***ed up fandom?????? I mean aren't BTS and ARMYs pushovers if this happens all the time?????? +31 -0
ㄴ yeah... I think we're pushovers too.. but what else could we do? If we don't live like pushovers, our boys' image will look bad to 40s and 50s... and even if we ask for an apology it's not like they're going to give us one...

7. why aren't the b*tches who slandered V not reading this post?????? because they're refusing to accept the reality and blaming the fansite masters and V ㅠㅠ +42 -0

8. I'm sorry for misunderstanding after only looking at the gif +23 -0

9. I think this is f***ing unfair for ARMYs and BTS. This should spread and spread more. I hope those who frantically slandered him get hit by karma boomerang  f***ing hard +24 -0

10. this year's trend words: BTS apologize, BTS feedback, BTS feedback this and that... this is so f***ed up. +19 -0

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