[PANN] 161110 Bighit already began reporting and suing haters. They said they'll be collecting materials

This is Bighit Entertainment.

We would like to announce that from November 10th 2016, we will take strong legal actions against online malicious rumors, false information, personal attacking posts, and comments, etc that will harm the reputation of BTS members.

BTS members have suffered for a long time due to the rumors and malicious comments and we, the company has decided to take firm actions against these behaviors. Bighit Entertainment and all members of BTS made a lot of effort to humbly accept every criticism and reviews with an open mind to grow and improve as an artist ever since their debut. However, some netizens continue to criticize and make personal attacks to the members by distorting BTS's production, music promotions including their private lives with malicious intention and from our judgment, we decided that these netizens' behaviors should not be overlooked.

If you refer to the recent court's decision on libel charges regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, the court sentenced imprisonment or severe punishments to the perpetrators. In order to protect the rights and interests of our artist, we, their company and the law firm have started the process of suing and reporting to take firm legal actions against malicious posts and comments, spreading false information with the intention to slander our artist or reporting false facts to medias. Furthermore, we will take all possible legal actions without settlements for defamation of our artist and any additional damages. 

Thank you.

1) Bighit Entertainment will be handling legal affairs of its artist internally. Please send your captured proofs to the following email address.
email address: bighit@ibighit.com
period: until 2016 November 20th (Sunday) 12AM (KST)

2) When sending us the screenshot, in order to prove the offense and identity of assailant, we'd be grateful if you follow the following  criteria

1. You have to screen capture the entire page that includes the problematic content

2. You must include the URL in order for us to know the site where this post exists

3. If the content is too long for one page, please divide them clearly 

4. Please try to include the nickname, ID, IP, date and time it was posted, the platform of the malicious post.

Bang PD is a scary person who brought BTS up here with nothing 
He has this strong fanboy  tendency so he's the type of person who will bring something he started to an end.

Original post here
Response +1140 -75

1. I think the key word here is "no settlement". CEO Bang has been lurking all this time and he knows how to give a punch +465 -10

2. I can sense the amount of suppression from their post +442 -12

3. Bighit has overlooked and restrained a lot. I hope they sue all the people who spread rumors like plagiarism, sajaegi, misogyny. Bighit, you're doing well! +436 -15

4. I heard that ARMYs had created a team to collect PDF evidence for some time. I think this game will end when they send their data. It's Sprite time after the end of Sweet Potato time. +171 -1

(T/N: Koreans use the expression "사이다" (sprite) to describe something that's refreshing, relieving, cooling and "고구마" (sweet potato) for things that are frustrating and stuffy. [It's the feeling you get when you actually eat and drink them. The choking feeling you get when you eat sweet potatoes and the cooling sprite)

5. They're going to be receiving the evidence until 20th November. This shows they're serious about suing them. They're prepared and ready. Bighit's sets a perfect plan even when they're suing haters ㅜㅜ +169 -1

6. We're really determined this time. Do you know what it feels like to listen to fansong like this?  +162 -2

Why should our first fansong lyrics had to be "let's forget everything" instead of "I love you", "Thank you", "I'm happy"

7. I trust in Department of Aesthetics, Seoul National University ㅎㅎ I'm looking forward to seeing how beautifully you'll sue them +153 -1

8. I will never forget what they did on Twitter after the last Young Forever concert... I really questioned if they are humans.. +86 -0

9. what about the minors? will they be sent to the juvenile detention center? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they said they won't settle ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +71 -0

10. You'll see so many confident haters on Twitter still ㅋㅋ but you know how people get talkative when they're nervous or anxious~ this really applies to them right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +67 -0

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