[PANN] 161110 How to save evidence in PDF format (iphone, android, pc users)

1. Please send the evidence to bighit@ibighit.com until 2016 November 20th (Sunday) 12AM (KST)

2. When you're sending them please follow the format

1) Capture the entire problematic page

2) Please show the address bar so we can know the URL of this malicious post

3) Please make sure to capture assailant's ID, nickname, IP, posted date, time, platform

How to save tutorial 

!! IPHONE users

1. Connect on Safari app and press the "share" button

2. Click "save safari PDF to iBooks" 

3. Click on the share button again after opening the PDF

4. Select email and send.

For PC Users

1. Click on Chrome menu

2 . "Print"

3. Click on "Change" and select save as PDF

4. Check "header and footer". (The website URL can be saved only if you check this)

!! Android Users

(App = Chrome)

1. Click on menu

2. Select "Print"

3. You will see this page when you click on "Print", but select the circled "Save it on Google Drive" without saving it immediately

4. Change it to "Save as PDF"

5. "Save"

6. Select where you're going to save the PDF

7.  "Save"

8. "Capture complete"

Collecting evidence is important.

Some people write initials to sound vague

But you can still sue them even if they write your name with initials

When we sue someone for defamation, they don't have to slander/call you by your name...

If we can tell who they're talking about, it's possible to report them for defamation.

You also need to know this too, "hidden vertical messages"

(T/N: example of 세로드립/vertical message

this doesn't have to be "first letters" in every sentence)

Can people report "hidden vertical messages too?
Yes, he said it's possible to report them.

극혐 = 극도로 혐오스럽다 (extremely disgusting)

"극혐" is not a usual word we tell each other

Therefore, "극혐" is a word that belittles another person so it's possible to report them for defamation.

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Please refer to this when you're reporting them

I asked this unnie I know who works at Department of Justice and she said....

She said continuity is the important factor so she said we should send them everything we find
And they say suing isn't easy because they have to consider many things but suing someone isn't difficult and she said cases even when they are unimportant so she said we should just send them everything we find. A lawyer who used to be her mentor said s/he had seen cases that started from the pettiest slanderings so please send them everything you find! Let's fighting!!

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