[PANN] 161111 BTS related malicious rumors spread in the KPOP industry too

I was surprised after reading this article sent by my ARMY friend. I thought this was a post written by a community site user after reading all the posts on PANN and Twitter. If journalists know about this in such detail, I'm sure their company, BTS members and others in the entertainment industry are aware of this.

But I think the journalist did a great job at summarizing the things BTS and their fans went through. Even I feel awful when I see my friend crying and she starts shaking her hands when she talks about the May incident, it traumatized her but the journalist clearly expressed the frustration and accusations fans had to endure. Seriously BTS and ARMYs went through a lot of headaches and I hope you guys only walk on pine tree road.

ps) Suga? I heard that he said BTS and ARMYs should only walk on pine tree road. I think Suga-nim is cool for using such expression.

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1. The people in the industry have to know about thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ I heard that even they were astonished by the haters ㅋㅋ Some people proved that they work in the broadcasting stations and said these days BTS is really struggling a lot and that people in the industry are supporting BTS members to cheer up... there were few posts like this over here. There were so many antis who commented in articles "BTS plagarized~" "This is sajaegi~ so please take down your article" but none of them wrote such articles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what could be the reason? I think we will know this when Bighit finishes suing all the haters. +82 -1

with the heart to forget about things

2. This is what he tweeted today. Why should our BTS members always tell their fans "let's forget" before things like  "I love you, thank you"? It's obvious that they know about this just look at all the mess. I hope they stop doing this and I wish they'd reflect on their behavior. +80 -1

3. They didn't say it was real time tweet but they did tweet real time... it's going to be weird if they don't know... this is bitter.. ㅎㅎ +62 -0

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that 5 fandom union sent emails to medias their so-called "proves" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ asking them to write articles based on their evidence ㅋㅋ I heard that the journalists were dumbfounded by their behavior ㅋㅋ +40 -0

5. I knew the boys knew about all this when I listened to their song "I know"... I choked and when they released 2, 3 I bawled... why should our fansong be about "it's all going to be okay if we forget about them, let's just be happy together"... why should such lyrics be a part of our song? and this wasn't written by another lyricist. The entire song was written by our boys... other singers tell their fans "I love you, I'm sorry but please lean on me" but for us... 2016 May was the worst time of my life and I started my fangirl life because watching my singer made me forget about my stressful lie and they made ma happy but for 4 years I was scarred and stressed out. Honestly, I'm grateful to the boys because they haven't done anything wrong and they trust in us. I'm grateful that they're standing strong too. I'm grateful to ARMYs for staying tight together. My mental became a saint after all the chaos and my fangirl heart is now unbreakable. I think this will apply to all ARMYs who went through the May and fansign event incidents. We're not angry because you're cursing at us. You're being a bad influence on us, our singer BTS and you're hurting us. That makes me angry. I hope karma gets you.... we've been saying this all the time but thankfully Bighit is making our dream come true. No settlements. We will repay you. +24 -0

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